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New Resolutions! New Normal in 2021!

2020 is officially over and 2021 is here! Last year was unexpected for all of us due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Even though it is a new year, the pandemic is still here and affects our lives. New normal is so different from everyone’s routine that we get used to it.

Most of us still continue to work from home. Schools are mostly closed and students are doing online classes. Travel is not easy so there is no desire to travel.

You may not get used to this new normal and look forward to Covid Free days. Vaccination has started but this does not mean that Covid - 19 will end soon. In the near future, we all hope that cases drastically decrease but this is still uncertain and there is no exact date for it.

Most of us are exhausted being at home, physically and mentally. If you still couldn't set a routine in the new normal, you can find great tips to adapt to the new era of your life.

1. Be Earlybird.

Since we are at home, you may want to sleep more. You do not need to change your pajamas, prepare your breakfast before work. Plus, you do not need to commute! I can hear you saying that there is at least one more hour to sleep but don't be fooled. Waking up early, and preparation time for work keeps things organized.

Therefore, don’t break your routine and continue to wake up at the same time you were used to. Change your pajamas. I am not saying that you should wear business attire. You can wear comfortable loungewear but it still makes a change and affects your day positively.

Check out the department, discount, and fashion stores such as Boscov’s, Bi-Mart, Chico’s, Roses Discount Store for leggings, joggers, and so many more.

2. Healthy Diet.

You may feel fatigued and exhausted but this may not be because of staying at home. Eating less nutritious food or skipping meals can be the reason.

As we are at home, the fridge/snack cupboard is a step away. You may find yourself binge eating the whole day.

First of all, don’t skip breakfast. Prepare a nutritious breakfast such as oatmeal with fruits and nuts, scrambled eggs with toasted bread.

Especially if you are working from home, think ahead to your lunches. Plan your weekday lunches during the weekend. Don’t leave it to the last minute as you are at home. You can prepare and store them in the fridge so it will be easier for you.

You can check out grocery stores' flyers for the most recent offers. For example, you can check out ‘Shaws Flyer’, ‘Hannaford Flyer’, ‘Giant Eagle Flyer’, ‘Roche Bros Flyer’, ‘Aldi Flyer’ and so many more in the grocery category.

3. Move.

As we are at home, we are more likely to be more stationary! Therefore, hourly we have to remind ourselves to stand at least for 1 minute. Being stationary continuously is not good for our health, increasing the risk of diabetes, heart diseases… If you start to stand, you will see that you will be more energetic and productive. At the same time, you can do at least 30 minutes of exercise each day.

Smartwatches can be a good start for your daily move. They usually remind you to stand or be more active. You can look for smartwatches in the flyers of Target, Staples, Big 5 Sporting Goods, Bi-Mart and so many more in the flyer section. Check out the best offers and take advantage of the lowest prices.

Additionally, you can also check out sports equipment, such as in the flyers of Academy Sports + Outdoors. There are also so many free exercise videos on youtube. Some of the suggestion is listed below;



We are almost at the end of the first month of the year! Start today! Create your new routine at home! Appreciate being at home! Be more positive!


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