Food Ideas for Super Bowl Party!




Food Ideas for Super Bowl Party!

That time of the year, Super Bowl LIII is around the corner! Here, in this blog, you can find the most popular party foods that you can add to your grocery list.

Whether you are watching the game with your friends at home or at the stadium, eating like a champion is a must. As you have decided to host the party at home, it does not mean that you will have to cook everything from scratch. Preparing mouth-watering finger foods is so easy! You can visit one of the closest retailers and load up a different range of pre-made food. All you need to prepare your grocery list before your visit so you will not forget a single food or beverage. You can check the flyers of the groceries like Vons, Kroger, ShopRite, Fresco y Mas, on promotons. You can easily find the groceries that serve at your state and county. You can be inspired by the food choice in the leaflet and know prices before stocking up.

Here is the 5 most wanted party food list;

1. Chicken Wings


You can find pre-packaged flavored chicken wing sections. You just need to put it into an oven or a microwave! You can also find options like fried or baked wings. There are so many different brands that you can pick from. And don’t forget to buy a blue cheese dip for a perfect combination!

2. Pizza


Party without pizza? No one can imagine a party without pizza! It is one of the game-day favorites. You can either order from your favorite pizza chain or bake it at home. It is always a guest pleaser. If you have decided to bake it at home, there are pre-made doughs at groceries that you can easily put the toppings on and bake it. Or, frozen pizza is always the easiest option. You can choose different types of pizzas like pepperoni, vegetarian, bbq and so many more from the counter of the groceries like ….

3. Nachos


While watching the games, nachos are one of the classics to snack on. The preparation of nachos is easier than you think. You don’t need a page-long list of ingredients. You only need 5 ingredients to prepare delicious nachos;

  • Corn Chips e.g. Doritos Original

  • Salsa

  • Canned Red Kidney Beans / Ground Beef

  • Shredded cheese

  • 4. Mini Burgers


    Another perfect party appetizer is mini burgers that your guest will love to eat! You can find pre-made burgers at almost all groceries! You can cook burgers on the pan and place them into mini buns before your guests arrive. You can prepare cheese, onion, lettuce, and condiments on the side. So everyone can put their toppings as they like.

    5. Hot Dogs


    Lastly, hot dogs are another star of the parties. You can find various hot dog brands in the leaflet. You can pick the one that you like and boil it before your guests’ arrival time. You also need hot dog buns to prepare your sausages and the last thing is to put some condiments but you can leave a choice of condiments to your guests.

    Whether the team wins or loses, food is a great way of cheering up all family and friends. The most important thing is to gather together and enjoy the time spent.

    If you are planning to watch at the stadium and tailgating before the game, you can visit the groceries like Walmart, Publix, Aldi, Winn Dixie, Save A Lot, Albertsons, Chamberlin’s and Food Lion in Miami.

    On top of that, if you want to see foods and beverages related to super bowl, you can check the tags like game, super, bowl, gametime… Enjoy your shopping and Super BOWL :)