Getting Ready for Halloween on a budget?




Getting Ready for Halloween on a budget?

Halloween season has just arrived!

It doesn’t matter how old you are. It is a season that people of all ages are excited for Halloween day. Kids go to ‘Trick or Treat’ and collect candies from neighbors. Adults decorate their houses to welcome the kids for Halloween. And costume? Of course, no matter of age, we are all looking for wearing the most terrifying and trendy costumes for Halloween. It is one of the best excuses to put on costumes and treat us with a couple of drinks. Staying on a budget can be difficult as there are lots of tempting Halloween products available in the market.

If you don’t know where to buy treats, decorations, and costumes, this article will help you to get ready for Halloween on a budget. Below, you will find some ideas about what you can buy and in which stores you can find spooky Halloween products at affordable prices.

- Decoration

Halloween without a pumpkin? It is not complete without having carved pumpkins (jack-o’- lanterns) during Halloween. We can carve by ourselves or just look for ready ones. You can turn pumpkin crafting into a fun activity with your kids. You can buy pumpkins and pumpkin carving kits at stores such as Cardenas, Kroger, Vons, A.C Moore, ACME at lower prices. For example, you may find discounts up to 40% at some retailers. Of course, jack o’ lanterns is not enough for a full Halloween decoration. There are so many options for Halloween. You can find the scariest decors like crawling skeletons, hanging ghosts, standing witches, walking zombies, haunted bicycles, bone lights, scary dolls, fog machines and so many more.

- Costume

Even though buying costumes can be costly, we all succumb to the lure of wearing our favorite character costumes. For one day, you have the chance to become any character you would like to be. You can choose the most spine-tingling horror movie character costumes such as Pennywise, Joker, Michael Myers, Pinhead and so many more.

In spite of Halloween, most women want to have a sexy and glamorous look so you can be the sexiest villain movie characters like Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Daenerys Targaryen.

- Make-Up

You don’t want to spend a cent on a costume? Or, you don’t have time to buy a costume?

Don’t worry! You can still have a Halloween look with small touches. With your make-up kit at home, you can easily create a mesmerizing Halloween look. Before starting to make your make-up, you can be inspired by the most famous villain characters such as Wednesday Addams, or Cruella.

If you don’t have any make-up products at home or you want to buy some special ones for Halloween, you can always check the leaflets of retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens, Family Dollar, and Vons. With just catchy lipstick and black eyeliner, you can have a glamorous and eye-catching appearance.

- Trick or Treat?

Your bell is ringing! Stock up your chocolate and candy bags. It is that time of the year. Kids are knocking on your door and looking forward to sweets. There are lots of variety of chocolate and candy bags for Halloween. Brands like Hershey’s, Twizzlers, Mars, M&M’s, Kit Kat or Reese’s have special editions for this occasion. Either you are looking for the most affordable sweet bags or your favorite ones, you can find a broad range of products at retailers like Stop & Shop, Target, Dollar Tree.

Happy Halloween!

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