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Gift Ideas for 2020 Father’s Day:

Father’s Day is on the 21st of June so there are not many days left. It is time to think about your presents! Fathers are hidden heroes in our lives. They are real Super Mans. He might be your biological, step, or spiritual dad. Someone that looks after you, teaches you, shows unconditional love to you…

This year, it might be different than other years because of the coronavirus outbreak but father’s day will be a good change; remembering the importance of dads in our lives and showing our love to them on this day.

For Barbecue Lovers Dads…


Making Barbecue is Dad’s job right? As summer is here, you can buy a new barbecue for him. It seems that we will spend most of our time at our homes this summer, so he can make perfect summer grills.

If he already has barbecue grills, you can make special baskets for grill day! Check out the weekly ads of the grocery stores such as Kroger, Fry's, Stop & Shop, City Market, El Super on our website, promotons, you will find the most convenient store to you and the best offers for you.

Some food ideas that can go into the baskets are;

Hamburgers, sausages, buns, veggies, salmon fillet, ribs, beers, wines…


You can create the basket according to your dad’s food preferences and don’t forget to put a greeting card into the basket. Food will be gone but greeting cards will be kept as a memory. If you are living apart, you can still leave the box at their doorstep or send the gift basket to them.

He might not be interested in cooking at all. Yes, we know some people can not even crack an egg. That is alright, you can find something that he is more interested in.

What about technological gifts?


As we spend most of our time at home these days, one of the best activities is watching TV and especially Netflix, right?. Therefore, if your dad still does not have a smart TV/ streaming box, it is time to introduce this amazing world to your dad!

You can check out the smart TV deals, at department stores such as Walmart, Fred Meyer, Target. You can find a Samsung Smart 4K TV, starting at $349. If you find TVs a bit pricey, you can go for streaming boxes such as Roku Streaming Stick for $49.99.

If your father already discovered this world and loves watching movies and series, you can enhance his tv leisure, with a soundbar system.



As there is a severe drop in our daily step because of staying home, we all need to put extra effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, a smartwatch that counts the step can be a thoughtful gift so they can track their step daily and try to increase their daily activity even if they are at home. There are so many different brands for smartwatches such as Apple, Fitbit, Garmin, and Samsung. Check out the best deals in the leaflets and pick the one you like.

For coffee lover dads…


If he can not start a day without sipping a strong coffee, a new coffee machine would definitely make him happy. If he already has one, you can buy specially roasted coffee and a special Father’s Day mug.

What about apparel?


There are so many other options. You can always buy apparel; T-shirts, shorts, shirts, swimming suits as men are not usually interested in spending time shopping for clothes; so they will definitely love the fact that someone shops for them.

Gardening tools?


You can also look for gardening tools if he likes planting in the backyard.

Don’t forget to check out more gift ideas in the Father's Day section. There are so many leaflets that show the current deals for Father’s Day.

We hope, as promotons, gift ideas will inspire and help you to choose the 2020 Father’s Day gift. If you postpone until the last minute or forget, don’t worry! Hugs and kisses are always the best presents. If you are living apart, you can always make a video call and tell them how much they mean to you.

Happy Father’s Day!


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