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Memorial Day: How can we spend a long weekend at home?

Memorial Day is just around the corner! Memorial Day is always on the last Monday of May, so this year, it is on the 31st of May. We all know that unofficially, it is also considered the beginning of the summer season. Unfortunately, this year, Memorial Day seems to be different than other years because of a coronavirus outbreak.

This year, we may not be able to go to cemeteries or go to watch parades in the streets. However, there is still a way to feel the vibe of Memorial Day at home and remember the veterans that served in the United States military.

Here you can find some ideas on how you can spend your long weekend at home.

Crafting with kids…


If you have kids at home, you may be looking for some fun activities and at the same, you may want to teach them the importance of the day. Therefore, while you are telling them the importance of the day, crafting can be a good idea to grab their attention and make them interested. You can create a USA flag with them to hang outside of the house. Another idea can be ordering white T-shirts for each household member and color them with a Memorial Day theme. For craft items, check out the specialty stores such as Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.

Virtual Visits…


If you were the one that does not miss Memorial Day events each year, there is still a way to commemorate at home. Check out virtual events time in your states as most of the events will be available online. You can also visit museums or virtual fields. National Memorial Day Concerts will be aired on 25th May, at PBS. You can watch the concert from its youtube channel; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0LUUK7smGI.

Daydreaming… Beach… Sunbathing…


Long weekend and hot weather? Yes, we know it means a getaway to somewhere near the sea. Sadly, this year, we should not travel across the states. Even if you live in a neighborhood where there is a sea, there are most probably restrictions to sunbathe or go into the sea. As some of the states ease down the restrictions, it is better to follow official news in your states.

Even if your plan was to welcome the summer season at the beach, or poolside, you can not turn your backyard into a summer oasis. Don’t miss out on Memorial Day Sales! There are great discounts especially at patio furniture and new summer season items. You can find umbrellas, inflatable pools, sunbeds, seating sets, towels and so many other essentials at affordable prices.

The Best Long Weekend Cooks…


What about hamburgers and hotdogs? And on the side, chips and cold beer? Or some ice-cold rose with meat or fish on the grill? Choose your favorite one and shop accordingly. Ooh, wait, if you can not decide you can cook one on Saturday and another one on Sunday. Check out the grocery sales for Memorial Day weekend. There are “4 Day Sale” at most of the grocery, discount and department stores. You can check out the weekly ad of the stores on our website and find the best offers and nearest to you.

Stay Healthy…

Don’t forget to do your daily exercise, you can still go out for a walk or run.

Show your gratitude to all veterans that served…

Enjoy your long weekend! And, of course, let’s not forget veterans and be thankful to them! It is a time to remember and honor them!


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