Presidents Day Sales,  2021




Presidents Day Sales, 2021

What can I find during the Presidents Day Sale?

This year, President Day is on _15th February 2021_. Presidents day started to be celebrated in 1885 after the death of President George Washington. Since then, this day is dedicated to all presidents; the current and past ones.

As it becomes a federal holiday, some people are off from work so there are President Day sales at some stores. These sales are usually because of the end of the season, so they sometimes call Winter Clearance as well.

Therefore, if you are a bargain hunter, here is the guidance on which stores; what kind of products are on sale.

Find the best offer during the Presidents Day Sale.



Mattresses are one of the most important purchases in our lives. We are supposed to spend one-third of our day sleeping so sleeping on a comfy mattress is quite important for our health.

If you are looking for the best quality mattresses at the lowest price, ABC Warehouse offers the best deals at this time. It is the right place to buy good quality mattresses at unexpected prices.

_Which mattress brands are on sale at ABC Warehouse?_

For example; if you are looking for adjustable mattress sets; there are sales on three different brands so you can choose the one according to your budget and needs.

On _Sealy_ adjustable mattress sets, there is up to _$400 off_.

On _Tempur Pedic_ adjustable mattress sets, there is up to _$500 off_.

On _Stearns & Foster_ adjustable mattress sets, there is up to _$800 off_.

Sealy is considered one of the best mattress brands in the USA. You can find more deals. For example, the regular price of the ‘_Sealy Grand Junction Queen Set_’ was $699 and now, its price drops to _$397_ with a free box spring.

There are mattress sales on other brands such as _Spring Air, Beautyrest, Scott Living, Serta_. You can also compare the prices of the mattresses and find the best affordable one.

For example, the price of ‘_Scott Living Marigold Extra Firm Queen Set_’ drops to _$797_ from $1599 whereas the price of ‘_Serta Alverson II Queen Set_’ drops to _$597_ from $899.

At ABC Warehouse, Presidents sale mattress deals are valid until 20th February so don’t miss out on these limited-time discounts.



If you are moving to a new house or if it is time to change old furniture, you can find amazing deals on bedroom sets, sofas____________________________, sectionals, and loveseats.

The best furniture offers can be found at Conn’s Home Plus.

For example; a modern _bedroom set_ is _$849_. You can also pay by installments; _$44 per month for 36 months_.

The modern light grey _sectional_ is _$1799.99_. If you would like to pay by installment; _$67 per month for 36 months_.

You can save up to $375 on a dark grey _sofa and loveseat_ which the price drops to _$749_. The installment payment plan is _$42 per month for 36 months_.

House Appliances


You can find amazing deals on house appliances such as refrigerators, range, microwave dishwashers, washers, and dryers.

For example; at Conn’s Home Plus, you can _save up to $1065_ on '_Samsung appliance sets_'; refrigerator, range, microwave.



If you think big TV sales are only during Black Friday sales, you might be mistaken. You can find better bargain prices during Presidents Day sales.

For example, at ABC Warehouse, there is $500 off on '_LG 4K NanoCell 75” TV_'; you can buy it for only _$1298_. There are also other brands like _Samsung, Roku, Skyworth_ so you can find the most affordable TV to buy.

You can check out the TV____________________________ prices at Conn’s Home Plus, too. Conn’s Home Plus might have cheaper prices than ABC Warehouse. For example, 'Samsung QLED 75” TV' is _$1499,99_.

Don’t miss out on these President Day sales. Take advantage of the lowest prices of the season and start saving.__