How To Avoid Excessive Stockpiling?




How To Avoid Excessive Stockpiling?

During this pandemic, we are all supposed to stay home and apply social distancing as much as we can. At the same time, we need to take care of our health and body to keep our immune system strong.

Staying home for countless days can be challenging. This unknown period may urge us to stockpile but we should stay calm. We should understand how important to be considerate in shopping and not hoard the things that we will not even use or eat.

First of all, you have to understand that if everyone stocks, there might be a shortage of some specific products as there is a sudden change in demand and the supply chain needs time to catch up with this.

Secondly, if you go to a grocery store without any shopping lists, you may end up stockpiling unnecessary things and even forget to buy your actual necessities. In the end, you may need a second visit to buy things that you forget which is more dangerous for your health and others’ health.

So what is the best thing to do?

You are expected to go grocery shopping infrequently as possible and at the same time not to hoard. Let’s say you are planning to go grocery shopping fortnightly or monthly. You should PLAN!

The best idea is to make two separate lists for food and other household essentials.

1- Food List:

If you decide to shop fortnightly, you can make a meal plan fortnightly. Here, below, you can find a 1-week menu plan which may inspire you.


Breakfast: Bagel with Cheese

Lunch: Chicken With Noodles

Dinner: Salmon with vegetables and potatoes


Breakfast: Pancakes with maple syrup

Lunch: Mac and cheese

Dinner: Some frozen pizza


Breakfast: Cereals with any kind of milk

Lunch: BLT (bacon lettuce tomato) Sandwich

Dinner: Lasagna


Breakfast: Eggs with bacon

Lunch: Tomato Basil Soup

Dinner: Fajitas


Breakfast: Porridge with Fruits

Lunch: Chicken Soup

Dinner: Hamburgers with Fries


Breakfast: Poached eggs with Avocado

Lunch: Nicoise Salad

Dinner: Steak with Mashed Potatoes


Breakfast: Yogurt with granola and fruits

Lunch: Roast Chicken

Dinner: Chicken Caesar Salad

You can create your own meal plan as each individual has different taste buds. If you are a big family, you can also ask their opinion as well. If you and everyone at home have super healthy choices, you can add beans, chickpeas, lentils, more veggies… For example, you can also make your own pizza instead of buying a frozen one. You can make dough either from flour or cauliflower. Don’t forget to list your households’ beverages and snacks as well.

On our website, you can check the most current flyers of the grocery stores such as Kroger, Lidl, Aldi, King Soopers, Cub, and these flyers can give you an idea for your shopping list. You can also see the prices and deals in the circulars which you can easily spend less money and time on grocery shopping.

2- Essentials:

More or less we all know or we can check our fortnightly spending on detergents, cleaners, toilet papers, tubes of toothpaste, shampoos, and so many more other household essentials. Therefore, you can estimate the number of things you need fortnightly. Therefore, you can make your list accordingly and go shopping with your list. This way, you will make conscious shopping decisions, be considerate of others, and spend less.

Instead of visiting the store, you can also check if there is online shopping available as it can be the safest option for everyone. Don’t forget we are all in this, and conscious shopping plays a crucial role. Enjoy your time at home and stay safe :)