Back to School!




Back to School!

Summer is over and it’s time to go back to school. The end of the summer holidays is bittersweet because we know the times we spent on the beach with friends is finally over. After a long holiday, our kids may need some time to readjust themselves to the school routine all over again. Here you can find some tips about how to make a smooth transition from ‘summer mode’ to ‘school mode’ and save money while shopping for school supplies.

Returning to school might cause anxiety for our kids because once the school starts they have to wake up early, do homework, study for exams and so on. However, going back to school doesn't have to be a total drama - there are effective methods to alleviate the stress. The trick is organizing well, purchasing only the necessary school supplies and focusing on positive aspects such as reuniting with friends, making new ones and looking forward to new experiences in the upcoming school year.

As US Promotons, we have prepared 7 tips which will help you turn this hassle into an enjoyable experience and save money while you are shopping.

1. Save money by buying school supplies in advance:

Don't wait until the last minute to buy school supplies such as pencil pouches, pencils, pens, erasers, folders, calculators, staplers, and highlighters, etc. Make sure you take advantage of the Back-to-School sales. Many people rush to the stores during this time of the year. When the offers end, the prices can rise and stocks may run out. You may not be able to find what you're looking for exactly and this can cause anxiety for your children. With this in mind, it is better to make your purchases early on and enjoy being relaxed on the last days before the school starts.

2. Make a shopping list:

If you prepare a list you can only buy the most important items such as backpacks, diaries, glues, scissors, markers, sharpeners, and notebooks without getting distracted by many other colorful items offered in the store. Also, you may choose to shop online in order to avoid such distractions. This will allow you to focus on only what you need and give you the opportunity to compare the prices of different items. Without a doubt, preparing a list also means not forgetting to buy important things.

3. Do your research - buy the correct books:

When it comes to school books, it's very important to make sure you are buying the right books or the right edition. This way, you can also take advantage of savings. It is important to follow the instructions of the school and the teachers’ guidelines to avoid buying unnecessary items. It is recommended that you look for different alternatives to school textbooks if possible - in some cases, the old edition of a book may be exactly the same as the new one at a cheaper price.

4. Do your shopping at large stores:

Large stores such as Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and Best Buy often have deals and discounts on school books and a wide range of school supplies. For example, if you browse weekly ads from such stores you can find products at half price, buy one and get another one for free, 2+1 offers and discount coupons for stationery, clothing, books, dictionaries and many more at affordable prices. It's a fact that you have a wider choice at large retailers and they provide the convenience of one-stop shopping, this means you won’t have to visit other stores to buy additional items.

5. Create a good environment for studying:

The place for studying is very important for concentration and good grades. Make sure you create a quiet and well-organized place for your kids to do their homework, study for exams, etc. Needless to say, teach them to keep this place tidy and neat which will eventually boost their concentration. For this purpose, you can buy a good study chair and a desk, drawers, containers, shelves, labels, and more at low prices from a store near you e.g. Office Depot & OfficeMax and Staples.

6. Help your kids organize their wardrobe:

In order to avoid the stress of choosing what clothes to wear, especially on the first day of school, help your kids organize their wardrobe. If you go shopping for school clothes, make sure they buy clothes which not only give them confidence but also feel comfortable. The most important thing is to feel good about themselves and you can do that without spending a fortune on expensive brands.

7. Make sure they sleep well the night before the first day of school:

If your kids mess their sleep cycles during summer they may not be able to wake up on time on the first day of school. So, they should readjust their sleep cycles and start going to bed early before school starts. If they don’t adjust their sleeping hours it might affect their performance at school. On the first day of school, they should be able to wake up easily and confidently. Most of the time it is the parents who wake up their children and children don't seem to take this responsibility seriously. However, teaching them this responsibility while they are still in school can help them become more responsible adults when they grow up. Taking on such basic responsibilities will contribute to their confidence and motivation. A great way to make your child feel like they are in charge of their life is to gift them an alarm clock before school starts and ask them to adjust their hours for themselves.