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Quit Smoking During Lent?

Lent is a fasting period for Christians.

📅 For Catholics, Lent starts on 17th February 2021 and ends on 3rd April 2021. Easter Sunday falls on the 4th of April 2021.

⛔ Generally, during Lent, on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and all Fridays, Catholics do not eat meat such as beef, chicken, pork, ham… Fish, dairy, and eggs can be consumed.

Important Dates during Lent: Ash Wednesday is on 17th February and Good Friday is on 2nd April. The official Easter holiday starts on Good Friday, 2nd April, and ends on Easter Monday, 5th April.

📅 Whereas, for Orthodox, Lent starts on 15th March 2021 and ends on 1st May 2021. Easter falls on the 2nd May 2021.

⛔ For Orthodox, olive oil, meat, fish (except; shellfish such as shrimp, lobster, crab, mussels, etc.), and dairy products are not allowed every

Wednesday and Friday during Lent.

Quit Smoking During Lent?

During Lent, you are also supposed to give something up so this can be a great chance to break your bad habits.

If you still don't know what you can give up on, during lent, you can try to quit smoking.

If you smoke, it is a great time to stop smoking. We all know that it is really bad for our health but when it comes to quitting, it is a really tough process to quit it.

First of all, ask yourself;

How many cigarettes, do I smoke daily? At which time of the day do I smoke mostly?

There are two things that stop you from quitting;

1. The habit of smoking

2. Addiction to nicotine.

Therefore it is important to know your smoking frequency in order to know when your cravings will be the most.

The habits can easily change by practicing.

  • Focus on something new. You can add a new hobby to your life such as a new sport activity, learn a new instrument or language. Choose something that you really enjoy and stay focused on new healthy habits.

  • Get Support. Nicotine cravings are normal. Just know that you are not alone and this phase is the same for everyone. You can consult an expert about this or you can talk to the people who pass through this phase in their lives. Do not also forget, families and friends can give you great support so don't feel weak about sharing.

  • Try to avoid triggers. For example, coffee and alcohol are known to be the top drinks that trigger smoking. For example, if you get used to sipping your coffee each morning with a cigarette, you can try to switch it to herbal tea or fresh juices.

  • Healthy Diet. Eating too much or unhealthy food can also trigger your cigarette cravings. Cigarettes are believed to help your digestion after heavy food. You may also smoke cigarettes as an appetite suppressant but instead, you can try to add healthy snacks between your main meals.

Every time, you feel that you are not going to succeed, remind yourself of a starting point. If there is a will, nothing is impossible. Do something good for yourself during this lent. Believe in yourself.

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