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In this weekly ad you will find:

Electronics & Games:headphones, phone, ipad, microphone, speaker, electronics, battery, camera, smartphone, airpods, earbuds, iphone, headset, dispenser, keyboard, controllers

Ready Meals:pizza, burrito, burritos

Herbs & Spices:lavender

Various:powder, stickers, wheels, tank, wheel, scooter

Baby & Toys:ball, toy, doll house, trampoline, playset, hoverboard, bike


Sports & Outdoors:boat, backpack

Sweets:popsicle, pies, marshmallow

Fruits:apple, grape, watermelon

Non-Alcoholic Beverages:tea, juices, coffee

Pets:puppy, dog

Stationery & Books:stationery, books, pencil


Household Appliances:fridge, cases

Dairy & Eggs:milk, egg

Jewelry and Accessories:ruby, watch, bracelet, jewelry, gold, diamond

Clothing & Shoes:dress, hat, pants

Nuts & Dried Fruits:sesame

Beauty & Cosmetics:cream

Snacks:chocolate, snack


Brands/products: pink, shell, star, rescue, dino, fossil, genius, omo, orno, pod, rocket, starter, academy, space, ato, princess, unicorn, cee, hoop, spalding, team, ferrari, lego, pilot, wars, loft, action, batman, dragon, giant, legends, viking, total, slide, bounty, dang, nerf, barbie, marvel, one, patrol, act, echo, scooter, warrior, express, mickey, mira, free, mix, america, avengers, flex, moves, spiderman, minecraft, ariel, belle, disney, list