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Target - deals are valid from 08/01/21 to 08/07/21 - page 1.

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New Target leaflet - check what's inside! Valid from 08/01/21 to 08/07/21

In this weekly ad you will find:

Alcohol:beer, margarita, wine

Non-Alcoholic Beverages:beverages, lacroix, coffee

Sweets:choco, macaron, sugar, donut, truffle, tarts

Vegetables:corn, pepper, veggie, groceries, pumpkin, salad, bean

Herbs & Spices:ginger, chamomile, lavender

Snacks:popcorn, snack

Beauty & Cosmetics:cream, cosmetics, makeup

Pets:dog, pedigree


Pasta, Rice and Other Grains:macaroni, noodles, oatmeal

Fruits:mandarin, apple, berry, avocado, pineapple, coconut, orange

Bread & Bakery:tortilla

Dairy & Eggs:yogurt, butter, parmesan, cheddar, milk

Hygiene & Cleaning Products:clorox, wipes, tampons, foam, towel, mouthwash, cleaner, detergent, softener, freshener, conditioner, shampoo

Nuts & Dried Fruits:granola, peanut, nut

Household Appliances:dishwasher, knife, toaster, curtain, pan


Various:ogiftcard, powder, tablets, cereal

Electronics & Games:pads, pump, moisturizer, iphone, computer, laptop, phone, soundbar, airpods, dvd, movies

Clothing & Shoes:pants, underwear, comforter, denim

Furniture:mattress, bed

Baby & Toys:toy

Jewelry and Accessories:watch, gold

Stationery & Books:glue, pencil, books

Ready Meals:pizza, taco, sandwich

Toiletries:kleenex, dove

Brands/products: gloria, imperial, kind, luna, nabisco, off, polar, tex, three, ero, free, kraft, mayor, monte, napa, options, oranges, oscar, powerade, quaker, skippy, target, action, barbie, beats, disney, facebook, hasbro, motrin, nerf, nintendo, online, philips, playstation, plus, polder, samsung, sólo, sony, tylenol, xbox, zoe, cheerios, doc, fresh, mac, one, orange, starbucks, cottonelle, stok, ever, fabric, febreze, tropicana, harvest, kleenex, sandwich, starter, superfresh


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