Number of leaflets:


In this weekly ad you will find:

Jewelry and Accessories:umbrella, silver, gold, diamond

Electronics & Games:lighting, bulb, cords, dispenser, pads

Household Appliances:curtain, candles, cushion

Furniture:recliner, mirror, pantry



Fruits:lemon, pineapple, orange

Herbs & Spices:rosemary, mint

Seafood:crab, fish

Clothing & Shoes:linen, denim

Baby & Toys:ball


Brands/products: online, walmart, ake, slate, orange, black, mint, alden, oranges, mercury, gold, outdoor, hanger, calypso, brass, iris, burn, spotlight, bombay, swivel, quilted, fabric, diamond, coral, coco, santiago, fresco, victoria, turtle, rea, occasions, universal, denim, coach

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