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In this weekly ad you will find:

Household Appliances:dinnerware, sheets, curtain, cushion, cookware, shelves, toaster, porcelain, dishwasher, rugs, tile, pan

Electronics & Games:lighting, lamp, brush, steamer, fryer, phone, camera, pads

Clothing & Shoes:tops, dress, hat, comforter, linen, leather, denim

Furniture:mirror, bed, mattress, pantry, bookcase, flatware

Various:bamboo, magazine, cardholder, powder

Jewelry and Accessories:pendant, diamond, gold

Hygiene & Cleaning Products:foam, towel, napkins

Pasta, Rice and Other Grains:beans, pasta

Beauty & Cosmetics:coat

Alcohol:wine, champagne, rom

Fruits:berry, apple, berries, mango

Vegetables:vegetable, potato, veggies

Herbs & Spices:herbs

Home Improvement & DIY:flooring

Meat:duck, meats

Non-Alcoholic Beverages:cafe, tea, juice


Nuts & Dried Fruits:nut

Snacks:crisps, crackers


Brands/products: simply, joanna, online, diamond, gorgeous, chrome, coors, denim, contour, pan, sage, artesano, google, sen, noe, ras, gold, ever, star, legends, quick, baton, outdoor, clearview, neo, hom, mercury, stanley, sos, sola, stów, carolina, gordon, orlando, mango, ara, rogue, colo, neutral, tones, palette, oxo, modular, trend, fresh, mao, rado, dyson, subway, samsung, team, polar, coś, velvet, garnier, juice, oak, dove, penny, express


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