Number of leaflets:


In this weekly ad you will find:

Various:magazine, handles, bamboo, powder, hood

Furniture:bed, mattress, mattresses, mirror, flatware, bookcase, sofas

Household Appliances:foil, cushion, dishwasher, knife, wok, porcelain, shelves, dinnerware, cookware, rugs, teaspoon, curtain, knives, cases, candles

Electronics & Games:laptop, lamp, lighting, microwave, bulb, speaker, phone, dispenser, battery, brush, freezer, pads, mobile, refrigerator, cords, smartphone

Baby & Toys:toy, ball

Clothing & Shoes:yarn, shoe, leather, linen, comforter, pants, dress, hat

Home Improvement & DIY:silicone, paint brushes

Jewelry and Accessories:pendant, jewelry, belt

Nuts & Dried Fruits:nut, walnut, peanut, almonds

Herbs & Spices:ginger, salt, lavender, herbs, dill

Fruits:banana, tomato, lime

Vegetables:veggies, vegetable, veggie, spinach, corn, lantern

Non-Alcoholic Beverages:coffee, tea

Hygiene & Cleaning Products:towel, toothbrush, foam, napkins


Sweets:dessert, cupcakes, cupcake, truffle, sugar, biscuits

Ready Meals:enchilada, pizza

Alcohol:wine, champagne

Dairy & Eggs:butter

Stationery & Books:pencil

Beauty & Cosmetics:coat


Sports & Outdoors:tent

Brands/products: title, mood, nifty, lids, outdoor, chrome, dreams, reality, online, ever, quick, team, lush, velvet, black, oak, brass, pink, orange, keys, francis, comfy, fabric, tet, jordan, utz, mango, hoop, swivel, kind, express, spotlight, illy, lin, rattan, harder, elephant, rage, fairy, clips, bad, palette, pan, fresh, had, character, expert, modular, deco, total, partner, loft, sou, continental, hanger, neutral, rea, lovely, nike, sunlight

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