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06/06/21 - 06/12/21 |See more Rite Aid networks

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Rite Aid - deals are valid from 06/06/21 to 06/12/21 - page 1.

Rite Aid - Deals

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New Rite Aid leaflet - check what's inside! Valid from 06/06/21 to 06/12/21

In this weekly ad you will find:

Fruits:elderberry, banana, coconut

Snacks:gummies, hummus, chips, cookies, gum, lays

Toiletries:sunscreen, toothpaste, deodorant, toothbrushes, colgate, dove

Various:tablets, lubricant

Dietary Supplements:vitamins, protein, gluten

Nuts & Dried Fruits:almonds, cashew, cashews, nuts, peanut

Sports & Outdoors:boat

Hygiene & Cleaning Products:detergent, sanitizer, softener, wipes, bleach, clorox, sponges, foam, lotion, razors, mouthwash, conditioner

Beauty & Cosmetics:makeup, liners

Medicine:laxative, lozenges

Electronics & Games:cartridges, pads, shaver, microwave

Jewelry and Accessories:pearl, sunglasses, diamond

Non-Alcoholic Beverages:beverage

Sweets:candies, brownie, sugar, donuts

Vegetables:pepper, greens

Condiments:honey, teriyaki


Dairy & Eggs:milk


Stationery & Books:glue

Herbs & Spices:lavender, salt

Home Improvement & DIY:silicone

Bread & Bakery:bread

Meat:wings, beef

Clothing & Shoes:underwear

Household Appliances:candles


Brands/products: art, aura, aveeno, free, fury, gnc, himalaya, irwin, off, omron, pampers, premium, seve, tena, bad, bounty, clean, colgate, diamond, donuts, folgers, revlon, starbucks, tide, adl, arte, dia, dove, fresh, gillette, hod, loréal, neutrogena, olay, one, pantene, tampax, 7up, adams, candy, cheetos, coors, doritos, guinness, hydro, lindt, michelob, miller, oreo, outdoor, starter, wellness, yuengling, beneful, duracell, glad, mix, persil, pod, purex


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