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D&W Fresh Market - deals are valid from 03/07/21 to 03/13/21 - page 1.

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New D&W Fresh Market leaflet - check what's inside! Valid from 03/07/21 to 03/13/21

In this weekly ad you will find:

Medicine:aspirin, antibiotic, antibiotics

Vegetables:bean, garlic, potato, groceries, cabbage, carrots, onions, corn, veggie, asparagus

Pasta, Rice and Other Grains:beans, noodle, oats, pasta, rice

Pets:birds, dog

Bread & Bakery:bread, buns, rye, tortilla

Sweets:brownie, croissant, dessert, croissants, cupcakes, pie, cupcake

Meat:chicken, beef, ham, angus, bacon, brisket, cod, sausages, pork, sirloin, sausage, steak, beefsteak

Hygiene & Cleaning Products:conditioner, tampons, toothbrush, bleach, shampoo, wipes, clorox, tissue

Beauty & Cosmetics:cream, liners

Electronics & Games:pads, chip, kettle

Ready Meals:soup, tater, toast, pizza, hamburger, fillets, taco

Condiments:tartar, honey, vinegar

Fruits:tomato, cantaloupe, citrus, avocado

Nuts & Dried Fruits:walnut


Alcohol:cabernet, cider, spirits, beer

Various:charcoal, fuel, bouquet

Snacks:chips, crackers, chocolate, crisps, cookies, cracker, snack, tostitos, croutons

Non-Alcoholic Beverages:coffee, soda, tea

Dairy & Eggs:queso, yogurt

Sports & Outdoors:rods

Seafood:shrimp, salmon, clamshell

Brands/products: bertolli, candy, crest, digiorno, energizer, fresh, hersheys, mix, monte, ogx, reeses, sou, tampax, toma, base, caprisun, cat, cereal, cheerios, cheezit, head, cottonelle, delicious, donuts, wheat, folgers, free, international, juice, match, nabisco, one, orange, pepsi, pillsbury, evans, gourmet, simply, harvest, johnsonville, jumbo, pringles, morningstar, honeycrisp, yoplait, seafood, premium, carolina, coors, decoy, gold, michelob, off, prosecco, rum, seltzer, twisted, vodka, bell, express


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