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Condiments:balsamic, honey

Vegetables:bean, pepper, potato, peppers, veggies, salad, pumpkin

Pasta, Rice and Other Grains:beans, macaroni, oatmeal, oat, rice, pasta, oats, ravioli

Meat:beef, chicken, angus, bacon, burger, cod, cutlets, drumsticks, meatballs, porterhouse, ribs, pork, sirloin, sausage, steaks, veal, steak, pepperoni


Bread & Bakery:bread, tortilla, pretzel

Snacks:crisps, chips, chocolate, snack, tostitos, cracker

Nuts & Dried Fruits:almond, nut, cashew, peanut, granola

Herbs & Spices:ginger, salt, stevia

Sweets:cake, croissant, biscuits, dessert, fudge

Dairy & Eggs:cheddar, butter, milk, egg, breakstones, parmesan, yogurt


Furniture:bed, pantry

Fruits:blueberry, banana, lemon, olive, coconut, avocado, tomato

Non-Alcoholic Beverages:coffee, tea, lemonade

Seafood:clams, crab, crabmeat, lobster, oyster, salmon, scallops, shrimp, trout, fish


Electronics & Games:fryer, chip

Ready Meals:nuggets, pizza, toast, soup, taco, pizzas

Dietary Supplements:protein

Beauty & Cosmetics:cream

Brands/products: amstel, annies, budweiser, cereal, coke, coors, corona, delicious, donuts, ever, acai, gia, andrea, gogo, heineken, heinz, ketchup, kraft, boo, lager, butterball, cheerios, lipton, mac, cocoa, digi, digiorno, birdseye, melitta, miller, gold, mix, honeycrisp, jumbo, line, nabisco, off, omega, oreo, pan, perdue, phillips, rainbow, salsa, pearls, chobani, pepsi, seafood, shoprite, simply, skittles, powerade, premium, swordfish, prima, coffeemate, progresso, quaker, crest, dole