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Hy-Vee - Deals

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In this weekly ad you will find:

Vegetables:broccoli, corn, garlic, potato, carrots, lettuce, onions, salad

Beauty & Cosmetics:cream

Sweets:croissants, croissant, biscuits, pie, muffins, cake

Various:fuel, bouquet

Ready Meals:pizza, waffles, toast, burrito, fillets, burgers, breasts

Meat:pork, sausage, beef, meatballs, bacon, chicken, beefsteak, cod, angus, steak, bratwurst, chuck, rib, ribeye, ribs, sirloin, drumsticks, ham

Bread & Bakery:breadsticks, tortilla, flatbread

Dairy & Eggs:egg, yogurt, butter, milk, brie, feta

Electronics & Games:steamer, mobile, bulb

Snacks:pastry, snack, crackers, chips, gummies, cookies

Alcohol:spirits, wine, bourbon, gin, vine, vines, whiskey

Pets:birds, dog

Seafood:fish, tuna, salmon, shrimp

Hygiene & Cleaning Products:bleach, detergent, tissue, wipes, diapers

Stationery & Books:pens

Nuts & Dried Fruits:almond, peanut, pistachios

Fruits:lime, elderberry, tomato, grape, pear, watermelon

Dietary Supplements:protein, vitamins

Non-Alcoholic Beverages:coffee, soda, tea

Pasta, Rice and Other Grains:pasta, macaroni, noodles, rice


Brands/products: fairlife, kind, off, digiorno, hama, chobani, simply, juice, orange, artois, boulevard, coors, michelob, miller, nave, yoplait, plus, seltzer, smirnoff, cheerios, stella, cat, free, friskies, litter, bic, energizer, purina, kleenex, pink, reynolds, rubbermaid, sistema, ziploc, califia, gerber, jumbo, melissa, lactaid, rainbow, digestive, slimfast, coco, gatorade, wellness, snapple, starbucks, cotton, express, fresh, kraft, match, mix, bacardi, barefoot, castillo, cross, ketel, keys, one


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