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In this weekly ad you will find:

Fruits:blueberry, lemon, apple, berries, citrus, strawberry

Vegetables:onions, veggie, salad, potato, corn, vegetable, spinach, pumpkin

Ready Meals:fillets, breasts, nuggets, taco, toast, waffles

Meat:beef, bacon, chicken, pork, steak, duck, sausage

Snacks:hummus, pepperidge, chocolate, crackers, snack, cookies, gummies, chips, biscuit

Seafood:fish, catfish, shrimp, goldfish, salmon, tuna

Hygiene & Cleaning Products:clorox, diapers, cleaner, detergent, softener

Dairy & Eggs:egg, milk, feta, butter, yogurt, cheddar, parmesan

Stationery & Books:pencil, backpacks, pens, glue

Sweets:butterfinger, muffins, croissant, pie, pudding, gelatin, sugar

Beauty & Cosmetics:cream, makeup

Condiments:honey, vinegar

Non-Alcoholic Beverages:smoothies, coffee, frappuccino, tea

Household Appliances:dishwasher, toaster, sharpener

Jewelry and Accessories:watch

Electronics & Games:freezer, electronics

Bread & Bakery:bagel, pita, tortilla, bread

Nuts & Dried Fruits:almond, nut, pistachios


Pasta, Rice and Other Grains:oatmeal, beans, macaroni, rice, pasta, noodle

Alcohol:cider, vine

Pets:puppy, dog

Dietary Supplements:protein, vitamins

Brands/products: line, off, seltzer, delicious, mio, met, gevalia, fritos, oscar, premium, kitkat, match, pampers, milka, juice, one, mix, haribo, jumbo, oxford, bueno, nabisco, bic, kind, star, keurig, fabric, whoppers, elvive, yoplait, 7up, wheat, dole, kinder, kroger, huggies, pilot, candy, perdue, orange, nestle, magnum, glad, maxwell, oldelpaso, pepsi, fresh, ever, hormel, sanderson, cereal, giant, pedigree, cat, total, sen, quaker, free, beneful, roni