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10/20/21 - 10/26/21 |See more Kroger networks

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Kroger - Deals

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In this weekly ad you will find:

Fruits:apple, blueberry, pumpkins, dates, tomato, grape

Meat:beef, brisket, angus, bacon, cod, sirloin, chicken, pork, steak, sausage, turkey

Hygiene & Cleaning Products:lotion, diapers, conditioner, detergent, shampoo, disinfectant, mouthwash, tissue, toothbrush, wipes

Electronics & Games:microwave, kettle

Sweets:pie, muffins, cupcakes, brownie, gelatin, pudding, sugar, truffle

Vegetables:pumpkin, pepper, salad, vegetable, potato, corn

Condiments:sauce, vinegar, guacamole, mayonnaise, honey

Pasta, Rice and Other Grains:pasta, noodle, oat, oats, rice

Ready Meals:pizza, fillets, soup, taquitos, tater

Bread & Bakery:bread, sourdough, tortilla, buns

Various:fuel, roses

Jewelry and Accessories:ruby

Nuts & Dried Fruits:almond, almonds, cashews, sesame, peanut, raisin

Herbs & Spices:basil, salt

Alcohol:cider, spirits, wine

Beauty & Cosmetics:cosmetics, cream

Snacks:gummies, chocolate, cookies, atkins, pepperidge, chips, snack

Dairy & Eggs:yoghurt, egg, cheddar, milk, almondmilk, butter, yogurt

Toiletries:deodorant, toothpaste

Non-Alcoholic Beverages:coffee, lemonade, water

Dietary Supplements:protein

Brands/products: fresh, kroger, lubriderm, one, gold, jumbo, list, off, oranges, oscar, sandwich, simply, 7up, beneful, brawny, cat, combo, digiorno, dove, free, friskies, juice, kinder, marshmallow, match, maybelline, mix, pampers, peeps, pepsi, persil, plus, proclean, progresso, quilted, seafood, silk, tide, ups, vicks, butterball, candy, cheetos, cheezit, hellmanns, hormel, kraft, pringles, quaker, rana, ruffles, skippy, skittles, bach, cora, crest, fabric, gum, lysol, mentos


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