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Lidl - deals are valid from 03/10/21 to 04/20/21 - page 1.

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New Lidl leaflet - check what's inside! Valid from 03/10/21 to 04/20/21

In this weekly ad you will find:

Vegetables:lettuce, salad, carrot, garlic, pepper, vegetable, lantern, asparagus, bean, carrots, jalapeño, cilantro, celery, corn, potato

Fruits:olive, cherry, lemon, strawberry, pineapple, apple, lime, tomato, berry, coconut, mandarin, avocado

Bread & Bakery:pita, bagel, bread

Pasta, Rice and Other Grains:rice, oatmeal, beans, pasta

Herbs & Spices:salt, oregano, thyme, herbs, parsley, herb

Alcohol:vine, wine, beer, cider

Nuts & Dried Fruits:almond, almonds

Snacks:chocolate, cookies, pastries, crackers, hummus

Dairy & Eggs:egg, milk, yogurt, cheddar

Sweets:sugar, cake, muffins, dessert

Electronics & Games:chip, brush, freezer, phone

Various:powder, bouquet, bamboo

Household Appliances:teaspoon, foil, knife, blender

Stationery & Books:eraser

Jewelry and Accessories:silver

Condiments:balsamic, honey, mustard, vinegar, canola

Baby & Toys:toy, ball

Hygiene & Cleaning Products:detergent, freshener

Seafood:fish, crab, lobster, salmon, trout, tuna

Meat:ham, chicken, rib

Clothing & Shoes:shirt, dress, sandals, skirt

Dietary Supplements:protein

Ready Meals:toast, fillets


Brands/products: free, fresh, juice, lidl, mint, mix, sandwich, total, alpine, cocoa, apart, apricot, monkey, reeses, one, spotlight, activia, danone, delicious, endless, three, crafted, line, ever, rainbow, sprouts, bianco, clean, gold, international, lin, bio, rose, space, wheat, adore, gillette, olay, pantene, pastas, premium, rana, venus, modena, pan, act, outdoor, solar, hope, justice, people, dove, rebel, kind, orange, utz, pastel, candy, chocola, marshmallow


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