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Market District - Deals

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In this weekly ad you will find:

Non-Alcoholic Beverages:lacroix, lemonade, tea, coffee, lipton, juice, gevalia

Fruits:coconut, citrus, berry, grapefruit, mangos, strawberry, watermelon, orange

Sweets:pudding, gelatin, pies, dessert, pie, sugar, muffins, cupcakes, donuts

Beauty & Cosmetics:cream

Various:preservatives, cereal

Pasta, Rice and Other Grains:penne, pasta, rice

Alcohol:wine, beer

Vegetables:potato, broccoli, bean, mushrooms, corn, wedges, pepper, onion, salad

Snacks:chocolate, pepperidge, crackers, snack, cookies, chips, cheezit, gum

Bread & Bakery:bread, buns, tortilla, pita

Hygiene & Cleaning Products:diapers, shampoo, conditioner, detergent

Meat:bratwurst, beef, ribs, rib, ham, chicken, pork, sausage, angus, johnsonville

Electronics & Games:chip, freezer, kettle

Dietary Supplements:vitamins, protein, gluten

Seafood:shrimp, salmon

Condiments:honey, mayonnaise, salsa

Ready Meals:buttercream, pizza, hamburger, breasts, sandwich


Dairy & Eggs:milk, cheddar, butter


Household Appliances:foil

Baby & Toys:ball

Toiletries:toothpaste, deodorant

Brands/products: lipton, donuts, seltzer, juice, giant, michelob, ruffles, doritos, snapple, simply, seafood, cereal, johnsonville, salsa, pampers, razor, toms, caprisun, premier, kraft, pillsbury, atlantic, fresh, yoplait, quaker, coors, yuengling, ups, bic, corona, orange, tropicana, outshine, royal, powerade, miller, glad, savo, blackberries, cheezit, pepsi, cheerios, fairlife, pulp, lager, activia, alexia, franks, gevalia, mayo, cat, raid, heinz, aveeno, gatorade, gillette, neutrogena, crest, 7up, noe


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