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03/29/21 - 05/04/21 |See more Safeway networks

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Safeway - deals are valid from 03/29/21 to 05/04/21 - page 1.
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New Safeway leaflet - check what's inside! Valid from 03/29/21 to 05/04/21

In this weekly ad you will find:

Vegetables:groceries, corn, salad, vegetable, lentil, pepper, spinach, potato, lentils

Meat:chicken, sausage, meatballs, bacon, pepperoni, angus, beef

Snacks:chips, chocolate, pepperidge, cookies, hummus, crackers, snack, popcorn, pancake

Condiments:guacamole, teriyaki, chili, honey, mustard, vinegar

Pasta, Rice and Other Grains:noodle, pasta, rice, beans, penne

Fruits:olive, apple, pineapple, berry, grape, tomato, cherry, clementine, strawberry

Ready Meals:soup, taco, soups, pizza, ricotta, tacos

Sweets:tarts, croissants, sugar, gelatin, pudding, cake

Non-Alcoholic Beverages:coffee, beverage, smoothie, bolthouse, soda

Nuts & Dried Fruits:flour, nut, granola, peanut, pecans, raisin

Bread & Bakery:bread, tortilla, bagel

Alcohol:wine, beer

Dairy & Eggs:cheddar, yogurt, milk, feta, butter, parmesan

Beauty & Cosmetics:cream

Hygiene & Cleaning Products:mop, cleaner, napkins, softener, tissue, detergent, towel



Clothing & Shoes:cloth

Household Appliances:sheets, dishwasher

Dietary Supplements:protein

Electronics & Games:chip

Various:powder, kosher

Herbs & Spices:salt, ginger, oregano

Brands/products: hasbro, match, juice, pompeian, salsa, starbucks, victoria, aco, free, gogo, mac, mission, one, art, fresh, gourmet, hillshire, milano, belgioioso, bombay, buitoni, gouda, litehouse, dole, off, president, rana, activia, simply, heinz, danone, ketchup, delicious, lactaid, lavazza, albertsons, orange, online, silk, adams, cat, donuts, folgers, jif, cottonelle, diamond, mix, garcia, peroni, smuckers, kleenex, mint, scott, fabric, doritos, tide, nabisco, name, nave, parker

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