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New ShopRite leaflet - check what's inside! Valid from 05/16/21 to 05/22/21

In this weekly ad you will find:

Hygiene & Cleaning Products:cleaner, cleaners, detergent, diapers, disinfectant, sanitizer, softener, wipes, shampoo, tissue, lotion, conditioner


Household Appliances:jug, sheets

Electronics & Games:pump

Pasta, Rice and Other Grains:rice, oat, oatmeal, pasta

Snacks:chocolate, chips, cookies, crisps, hummus

Vegetables:vegetable, veggies, bean, onions, peppers, potato, salads, salad, garlic, broccoli

Condiments:vinegar, canola, balsamic

Sweets:brownie, cake, fudge, popsicle, sugar, pies

Beauty & Cosmetics:cream

Dairy & Eggs:gelato, milk, sundae, butter, yogurt, cheddar

Nuts & Dried Fruits:almonds, nut, granola

Meat:angus, beef, bratwurst, cod, chicken, sausages, steaks, pork, steak, sausage

Medicine:antibiotic, antibiotics

Fruits:banana, apple, cranberry, berries, lemon, olive, coconut

Sports & Outdoors:boat

Bread & Bakery:bread, ciabatta, tortilla

Ready Meals:fillets, hamburger

Herbs & Spices:ginger, dill, herbs

Seafood:albacore, tuna, salmon, shrimp, crab, crab cakes, fish, lobster

Non-Alcoholic Beverages:beverage, cafe

Toiletries:sunscreen, bodywash

Jewelry and Accessories:umbrella

Dietary Supplements:vitamins



Brands/products: cat, cats, fabric, fabuloso, febreze, free, friskies, giant, kleenex, litter, mix, off, one, online, palmolive, pampers, peroni, plus, purina, shoprite, suavitel, total, ups, amd, bce, dove, humor, jumbo, keebler, kind, magnum, premium, sandwich, bounty, burner, cereal, chobani, cocoa, cosmic, diamond, eggo, eve, ever, franks, fructis, galbani, garnier, gourmet, juice, mccormick, nabisco, perdue, barilla, quaker, ragú, seltzer, delicious, simply, gold, tide


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