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Smith's - deals are valid from 06/09/21 to 06/15/21 - page 1.

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New Smith's leaflet - check what's inside! Valid from 06/09/21 to 06/15/21

In this weekly ad you will find:

Meat:burger, beef, chicken, rib, sausage, angus, chuck, bacon, carnes

Herbs & Spices:dill

Various:kosher, fuel, charcoal, preservatives

Fruits:apple, elderberry, olive, squash, naranja, cherry, grapefruit, lime, cranberry, fruta

Vegetables:mushroom, mushrooms, bean, calabaza, corn, maiz, zucchini, asparagus, peppers, potato, salad, uvas, verduras, pepper, cucumber

Electronics & Games:battery, speaker, kettle, chip, freezer

Baby & Toys:bike


Snacks:gummies, chocolate, crackers, chips, biscuit, crisps

Medicine:lozenges, antibiotics

Non-Alcoholic Beverages:mocha, coffee, coconutmilk, refrescos, beverage, lacroix, lemonade

Condiments:mustard, honey


Dairy & Eggs:butter, almondmilk, provolone, yogurt, cheddar, queso, milk, gelato

Pasta, Rice and Other Grains:beans, penne, rice

Nuts & Dried Fruits:peanut

Household Appliances:foil, dinnerware

Ready Meals:frijoles, ricotta, pizza, hamburger, ensalada


Hygiene & Cleaning Products:toothbrush, detergent

Alcohol:wine, cabernet

Beauty & Cosmetics:cream

Sweets:dessert, cupcake, cake, croissant

Seafood:shrimp, oyster

Bread & Bakery:buns, bread

Brands/products: fresh, vlasic, kroger, aveeno, portobello, candy, cereal, colgate, elena, free, gillette, kind, kis, mattel, melissa, neutrogena, 7up, off, online, bacardi, outdoor, razor, cola, coleman, sólo, eckrich, spectrum, spirit, starbucks, target, weber, minis, pan, pepsi, pompeian, reynolds, rum, simply, tillamook, total, vodka, ever, seltzer, barilla, bell, bugles, cross, fresca, fritos, match, mix, one, orange, roni, sargento, sharp, donuts, mccormick, nabisco, premium

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