Back To School Essentials

31.07 - 08.09
Back To School

The new school year is here. Summer is about to end and your kids may feel anxious about going back to school after a long summer holiday break! Buying new stuff will definitely help the kids to prepare for the new school year and makes them excited for the new year.

Whether the school or college will be online or in-person sessions, there are necessities that you need to buy like notebooks, pens, glues, books, organizers, binders, pouches and many more school essentials.

Here on this page, you can find the most recent offers and discounts on school supplies, so to take advantage of lower prices, browse the leaflets of different retailers and find the best deals.

What can you find throughout the leaflets?

There are different varieties of each product.

Backpacks: For example, you can find backpacks with different comic characters on them (e.g. Spiderman, Unicorn, Frozen, Minnie Mouse), different colors (e.g pink, green, blue), or brands (e.g. Jansport, FILA).

Food: You can find different varieties of snacks based on your kids’ tastes from pre-packaged snacks, to fresh vegetables and fruits. For example, you can check out ingredients for different kinds of sandwiches for lunch boxes. You can buy food containers, and lunch boxes to store the food fresh.

Check out the circulars of supermarkets near to you and start saving on school lunch essentials.

COVID - 19 Preparation: Check out disinfectant gels/wipes in the leaflets. If your kids are going to school physically, they will need to wash their hands more frequently and also use disinfectant gels and wipes. Additionally, don’t forget to buy reusable cloth face masks for school. There are lots of different cute and creative face-covering options for kids.

Electronics: This year, you may need to invest in electronics. For example; if schools will follow a hybrid school model or online teaching; laptop, iPad, printers may be needed at home. It is time to check out the best deals in electronics and buy what it is needed for online teaching.

Make the school shopping list with your kids and start to browse the leaflet on!