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When we think of breakfast most of us think of toasted bread with butter and honey. Yum! Butter is magical; it can make anything extra delicious. You can use butter as a spread on bread and as a dressing on boiled vegetables. You can use butter in cooking as well such as pan-frying, baking and sauce making. Next time when you make a tomato sauce try adding a little bit of cold butter in the end. You will be surprised how much difference it makes - your guests will lick their fingers. Also, there is unsalted butter which can be used in cakes, cookies, biscuits, desserts and so on. How do you think they make those flaky layers of tender croissants? The trick is butter.

Some people prefer using margarine and lard as alternatives for butter, but as you know, nothing beats the flavor and the texture of butter. There is a brand called "I can't believe it's not butter" which is close but no cigar.

Here are some of the most popular butter brands in the US:

Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter uses milk collected from grass-fed cows, which has a creamy and sweet flavor. There is also a Garlic & Herb variation which tastes absolutely amazing on toasted bread.

Plugra even though it's American-made, it's being advertised as 'European Style Butter' because it has a creamier texture. It has a higher fat content than the standard American butter.

Anchor is imported from New Zealand. It is produced from 100% fresh cream obtained from grass-fed cows.

Organic Valley as the name suggests is organic and actually tastes really good.

Kalona Super Natural is being produced in Iowa and the taste of this organic butter is absolutely amazing.

SMJÖR is a premium quality butter which is imported from Iceland. This pure butter has no additives and the cows which produce the milk that goes in the production this butter feed on one of the healthiest grass in the world.

Check the weekly ads to see if you can find these brands on offer even though butter is usually affordable. Many grocery stores listed below have offers and discounts on premium quality butter. If you got the basic skills, homemade butter is also an option. You can make brown butter at home as well. It's quite easy, just heat your butter over medium-high heat until the milk solids start to brown and the water evaporates. Brown butter tastes especially good on ravioli.

Types of butter: Vegan Butter, Garlic Butter, Irish Butter, Dairy-Free, Salted and unsalted butter, etc.

Popular dishes: Indian Butter Chicken, Garlic Butter Shrimp, Prawns with garlic butter and pretty much anything that you wish to sautée - mushrooms, green peppers, asparagus…