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Did you know that cheese has existed long before the written language did? Today, cheese is a highly popular dairy product which is derived from the milk of different animals. It comes in many different textures and flavors. There are different types of cheeses which are used in various dishes around the world. Some of the most delicious are brie, camembert, gouda, muenster, parmesan, and roquefort. You can usually buy them from the delicatessen section of the grocery stores and most of them have affordable prices. However, there are also gourmet cheeses which can be quite expensive such as Pule, White Stilton Gold or Wyke Farms Cheddar. It may be a good idea to buy your cheese in larger blocks, which will be cheaper than well-known brands. You can also buy your cheese when it goes on sale, but make sure you always check the expiry date. Consuming cheese is healthy. Especially, if you are watching your weight because it is a great source of calcium and other important vitamins such as riboflavin and b-12. When you consume the right amount of calcium your body burns fat. So it's good to remember that eating low-fat cheese actually helps you lose weight. Check the circulars to see if you can find some great tasting cheeses on discount.