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Cream for skin moisturizer? Yes, you can also find cream from beauty sections of weekly ads for your body, face, hands, and feet. Just browse the weekly ads and find specifically what you are looking for.

Sour Cream; you can find so many different brands of sour cream; Kite Hill, Daisy, Tofutti, Fage, and so many grocery stores have their own packaged sour creams. There are different varieties of sour cream like a light version of it as well.

You can also find chips with; sour cream & onion, cheddar & sour cream, sour cream & chives from brands Lay’s, Pringles, Boulder Canyon, Ruffles, Enjoy Life, Popchips, Late July Org, Beanfields and so many more in the weekly ads.

Whipping Cream; you can find heavy whipping cream or normal one. If you are baking cake, pie, or any other kind of dessert, you may need a whipping cream for your recipe. Check out the weekly ads, find the best whipping cream offers. There are brands like; Organic Valley, Horizon Organic, Kraft… There are also vegan, coconut, and almond whipped topping in the weekly ads.

Ice cream; summer or winter? Does it matter which season it is? Ice cream can be eaten any time of the year. There are Ben & Jerry’s, Haagen Dazs, Magnum, Breyers, Halo Top, Turkey Hill and so much more in the weekly ads. You can find any kind of flavored ice cream; sea salt caramel, almond crunch, lemon cookie, chocolate fudge brownie, vanilla, strawberry and so many more.

Cream Cheese? The first brand that comes to mind is Philadelphia. You can see many different cream cheese varieties from brand Philadelphia in the weekly ads and so many other brands according to your taste and budget.

Coffee Creamer from Nestle Coffee-mate? There are so many different flavors.

Just browse the weekly ads and find the one that you are looking for.