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Many people have eggs for breakfast. An egg is a superfood because it contains important vitamins and nutrients which can keep you full for a long time. Eggs are very easy to cook. You can prepare hundreds of dishes even using only the egg white e.g. Egg White Omelet. If you are into ...

intensive training you might require extra good quality proteins and an egg can be an affordable and easy source for that. </p> <p>You can purchase them from grocery stores, convenience stores, and even butchers. Compared to other high protein foods, eggs are usually <strong>cheap</strong> - even free-range eggs are <strong>more affordable than red meat</strong>. Make sure you buy eggs from a refrigerated case in the store and check the expiry date. Remember you should store your eggs in the fridge so they will last longer - otherwise, they can go bad in hot temperatures. </p> <p>Tip: Do you want to know if an egg is raw or cooked? Just spin your egg, if its spins fast it's cooked; if it wobbles it's raw. </p> <p>Eggs can be boiled, fried, or baked. If you don't have much time in the morning just boil your eggs in advance and keep them in the fridge so they are ready to eat. Did you know that you can also cook eggs in the microwave? Just crack one in a microwave-safe cup and in 60 seconds it will be ready. You can also fry your eggs in the pan if you are after a more delicious breakfast. Adding some butter will definitely boost the taste of your sunny side up, you can serve it with crispy bacon as well. Another alternative would be a good omelet with mushrooms &amp; cheese. </p> <p>Popular dishes: <em>Egg Masala, Egg Chaat, Egg, and Garlic Fried Rice, Egg Bhurji Mumbai Style, Scrambled Eggs, Poached Eggs and Chinese Egg Drop Soup.</em></p> <p>In the leaflets of popular stores such as Publix, ShopRite, Meijer, Lidl, Giant Eagle, and Albertsons, etc. you can find <strong>amazing discounts and offers</strong> on Egg Cookers and on great brands such as True Goodness Organic Extra Large Eggs and Grade A Organic Cage Free Brown Eggs.</p>Expand text