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If you are looking for any kind of oat or oatmeal products, you can find in the leaflets below.

In the leaflet, you can find different types and brands of oats. For example, brands like Quaker has a broad range of product related to oats. Some groceries offer their own private labeled oats such as Vons, County Market, Karns Foods, Supervalu.

Oats are one of the perfect options for healthy breakfast throughout a year. You can either boil it or soak it overnight. It can be served either cold or hot. According to your preference, you can either eat it savory or sweet by adding different ingredients to it. The word oatmeal or porridge is also used for cooked or overnight oats.

Oats are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Additionally, it is suitable for gluten-free, keto and vegan diets.

Oats are usually found in three forms so it might be confusing which one to buy. The main differences are as follows;

1- Steel-Cut Oats

It is a less processed version of oatmeal. It takes 20 - 30 minutes to cook and has a chewy texture. It tastes nuttier than other oat types. After it is cooked, it can be kept in the refrigerator up to a week and retains its creamier texture. You can prepare your breakfast with steel-cut oats for an entire week. Therefore, when you are in a rush on weekday mornings, you can just add a drop of milk or water in it and heat it in the microwave for a minute. In this way, you can enjoy your healthy breakfast in less than five minutes.

2- Rolled Oats

It is called old fashioned or whole oats as well so if you come across these terms in the leaflets, you know exactly what it is. Rolled oats can be cooked in 5 - 10 minutes. It retains its shape even when it is cooked. The taste is mild and the texture is softer than steel-cut ones. For breakfast, you can cook it with water or milk and add toppings like fresh or dried fruits to make a sweeter. You can also add honey, maple syrup, or sugar in it.

You can also make granola bars, cookies, muffins, and so many other baked goods with rolled oats. Rolled oats can also be grounded into the flour so you may prefer to use oat flour as it is gluten-free. For example, you can bake delicious gluten-free banana bread with it.

3- Instant / Quick Cook Oats

It is more processed than other types of oats. It can be cooked in 1 minute. Its texture is mushy and smooth. It tastes milder than other types. It is a perfect type for quick breakfasts. Some instant oats at groceries have milk powder, sugar or other flavors in it.

You can find ready to eat oats brands like Mush, Better Oats, and Umpqua (organic, no GMO). They have different flavors so you can pick according to your palate.

You can also find some pre-packaged cereals and snacks that have oats in it. For example, you can find the brands like Honey Bunches of Oats, Cheerios, Nature Valley, Cascadian Farm Organic, Food Club, Pepperidge, Little Debbie, Red Oval in the leaflets of Kroger, Walmart, CVS, Safeway, Cub, Dollar Tree.

You can also find oat milk which is a great option for vegan and dairy-free diets. You can find brands like Planet, Silk, Oatly.

Start to browse the leaflets and take advantage of lower prices.