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Popcorn - You will find in 9 current flyers


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Movie Time? Binging on Netflix? The first snack that comes to mind is, of course, popcorn. In the flyers, below, you can find all the products that are related to popcorn.

Browse the flyers of groceries, discount stores and department stores such as ACME, Price Chopper, Winn Dixie, BILO, Fred Meyer, Shaw’s. You will find promotions like 2 + 1 or discounts up to 50%.

You can buy pre-packaged popcorn which you can find many different flavors like cheddar, caramel, garlic, etc. One of the most popular popcorn types is butter & salt or sweet & salt (kettle corn) ones.

You can also find microwave popcorn which can be prepared easily and quickly. There are brands like “Pop Secret”, “Black Jewell” and “Koepsell’s”. You can look for other brands in the flyers and see the best deals near you. There is even organic popcorn.

What about a light option? There are also popcorn that has low calories so if you are on a diet, you can still enjoy your popcorn.

If you want to make homemade popcorn, you can check stovetop or countertop popcorn poppers to make from scratch. There are also popcorn tins in the flyers.

Check the flyers and enjoy the lower prices at the retailers nearest to you.