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Potato - You will find in 90 current weekly ads

Are you looking for potatoes?

Tonight's dinner might be one of the easiest and healthy options; air fryer baked potato, roasted potato, or oven-baked sweet potato.

Something more creamy? What about scalloped, dauphinoise, or mashed potatoes?


It does not matter which kind of potato you are going to cook because you can <strong><em>find all kinds of potatoes</em></strong> according to your needs.</p>Expand text

If you are going to bake or roast, russet, long white, Peruvian or new potatoes will be the right choice.

For boiling, round red, white or new potatoes would be ideal.

To have the best crispiest fried potatoes, russet or white ones will give the delicious desired crispy taste.

To cook the creamy mashed potatoes, russet, long white, or Peruvian will be a perfect choice.

There are petite red, petite gold, red creamer, sweet and so many more kinds of potatoes in the weekly ads.

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There are ready frozen potatoes as well which all you need to do is heat them in the microwave or oven. For example, there are petite potatoes with parmesan truffle, crinkle cut french fries, waffle cut, hash brown, mashed sweet potatoes, roasted baby sunrise potatoes with rosemary & garlic and so many other choices.

What about potato chips?

There are thousands of potato chips from a vast variety of brands. Kettle, Luke’s Organic, Mozaicz Organic, Pringles, Spoke, Lay’s, Dirty, Ruffles, Terra, Boulder Canyon and so many more in the circular.

Star Market, Sprouts, Meijer, Hannaford, Winn - Dixie, Raley’s, Metro Market are just a few of the grocery stores on promotons. Check out the grocery store list for more information.

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