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One of the favourite foods of weight watchers or healthy ones is a salad. You can create different varieties of a salad according to your preferences. The base of the salad is usually lettuce< ...

/a>, rocket, watercress or any other plant-based ingredients. The toppings can be chicken, tuna, salmon, avocado, <a href="">cheese</a>, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers and so many more. It usually depends on your taste preferences. You can even add <a href="">pasta</a>, or potatoes into your salad. And the sauce can be olive oil, lemon juice, balsamic and any other vinaigrette… There are some very well known types of salad such as <strong>caesar</strong>, greek or cobb which you can even find the ready ones at most of the groceries. All salad’s ingredients can be found <strong>fresh</strong> from your <strong>local stores</strong> such as Stop &amp; Shop, Food Lion, <a href="">H-E-B</a>, Vons. You can check their weekly circulars on our website, promotons, and enjoy your salad for less.</p>Expand text