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Hair is one of the most important features in the human body, especially for women. Most of us are in sear ...

ch of the right products to have <em>healthy and shiny hair</em>. Shampoos are commonly used, as a hair care product by almost everyone.</p> <p>There are hundreds of different <strong>shampoo brands</strong> in the leaflets like <a href="">Pantene</a>, L’oreal, Dove, Matrix Biolage, Garnier at retailers like <a href="">Walmart</a>, Lidl, Supervalu, Marcs, Price Chopper and so on. </p> <p>Each brand has a broad range of shampoo collection. There are also <strong>shampoo and conditioner</strong> (2 in 1) that are sold in one bottle in the leaflets. </p> <p>There are too many options for shampoos but which one is good for your hair? First of all, you need to know your hair type so you can pick the right one. </p> <p>For example; </p> <p><strong>Dandruff in Hair? Oily and Greasy Hair?</strong></p> <p>Brands like Head &amp; Shoulder, <a href="">Nizoral</a>, Selsun Blue is one of the best known for dandruff. Shampoos that have a <strong><em>tea-tree oil</em></strong> are also known for anti-dandruff treatment. Tea-tree also helps to <em>remove the excess oil</em> in the hair. </p> <p>Brands like <a href="">Nexxus</a> and Suave have special shampoos for oily and greasy hair which balances sebum production and it gives a fresh <strong><em>clean look</em></strong>. </p> <p><strong>Damaged Hair? color-treated Hair?</strong> </p> <p>You can check the brands like Hask, OGX, <a href="">Garnier</a> Whole Blends. You can check the ones that have <strong>argan oil</strong> in it. It moisturizes the hair and regenerates into a shiny look. It repairs the damaged hair from color treatments and also enhances split ends. </p> <p><em>Keratin</em> is an excellent treatment for anti-breakage which prevents heat damage and smoothes hair. A brand like <a href="">Tre Semme</a> has a Keratin Smooth Collection which is perfect for repairing and taming frizzes. </p> <p><strong>Thinning Hair? Hair Growth?</strong></p> <p>Biotin is one of the best-known nutrients to boost healthy hair growth. You can find <strong>Biotin</strong> shampoos at grocery stores and pharmacies like Walgreens, <a href="">RiteAid</a>, CVS, Safeway, Albertsons.</p> <p><strong>Special Shampoos…</strong></p> <p><strong>In a rush?</strong> </p> <p>We sometimes oversleep in the mornings or have an unexpected event to go so in these cases <strong>dry shampoo</strong> is a real lifesaver. It gives a quick clean look and minimizes the oily look. You can find many brands e.g. Living Proof, Love, Beauty &amp; Planet at groceries like <a href="">Giant Eagle</a>, Food Lion, ShopRite.</p> <p><strong>For Babies?</strong></p> <p>Shampoos for babies are different than adult ones. As they are more sensitive, you need to buy special shampoos for them like Johnson's, Aveeno. You can also look for <strong>organic</strong> options at pharmacies and department stores like Winn-Dixie, BILO.</p> <p><strong>Sulfate-free? Vegan?</strong> </p> <p>In the leaflets, you can find shampoos that are sulfate-free which are known to be bad for our hair like Herbal Essence. There are also <em>vegan and cruelty-free</em> shampoo brands like Phillip Adam. </p> <p><strong>For Pet?</strong></p> <p>You can discover shampoos for pets like Earthbath and Prosense at the stores such as <a href="">Petco</a> and Bass Pro.</p> <p><strong>More…</strong></p> <p>You may also find <em>anti-odor shampoo</em> for camping or hunting at outdoor sports retailers like Bass Pro. You can check the brand, called Scent Killer shampoo in the leaflets. </p> <p>Even if you have fine hair, shampoo is one of the essential in our lives. Its price ranges from lower to higher so you can easily find a shampoo that fits into your budget. You can find shampoo brands such as White Rain, Alberto VO5, Silkience at discount stores like Roses Discount Store, <a href="">Dollar Tree</a>, Family Dollar, Dollar General. On top of that, you may find deals like <strong>buy 1 get 1 free</strong>, 20% off or mix &amp; match in most of the leaflets. Start to browse and take advantage of <em>lower prices</em>.</p>Expand text