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Yogurt is widely consumed all around the world. Cow's milk is usually used to make yogurt, but milk from water buffalos, goats, ewes, mares, camels, and yaks is also used to produce yogurt. You can buy fresh yogurt from supermarkets, organic stores, bio shops, and special yogurt stores. It is usually cheap and considered to be healthy. If you are watching your weight you can choose low-fat yogurt which is lower in calories but make sure it is unsweetened. Yogurt will provide you a healthy dose of animal protein and other beneficial nutrients each day. There are many different types of yogurt such as strained, Matsoni, Kefir, Dahi, Labneh, Skyr, Greek Yogurt. If you have a sweet tooth instead of ice-cream you can go for frozen yogurt, but be aware that it is high in sugar which should be consumed in moderation. Also, some of the healthy bacteria which are found in yogurt might die during the freezing process. On the other hand, there's evidence that probiotic yogurt can help boost your immune system and promote a healthy digestive tract. Some of the popular yogurt dishes include Buckwheat Banana Cake with Yogurt-Espresso Frosting, Caramelized Shallot Dip, Yogurt Pie with Grape & Black-Pepper Compote, Garlicky Yogurt Dip with Herb Jam & Toasted Almonds, and Homemade Yogurt. Check the flyers below to find the cheapest and the healthiest yogurts for your family. Discover in which stores you can buy your favorite type of yogurt on offer. If you don't feel like going to the store why don't you try to make homemade instant pot yogurt?