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If you like shopping at Belk you should see the weekly ads and catalogs before you go to the stores near you. You will find many items on sale from rarely discounted brands such as Nike and Under Armour. You can save up to 25% on such purchases. You can save even more if you use the coupons which you can find in the flyers. You can get 10%, 15% or 20% off on your purchases on kitchen electrics and shoes, etc. Just make sure you use your coupons before they expire. Additionally, in the flyers, you can find other discounted brands such as Levi’s, True Craft, Nautica, Ralph Lauren, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Skechers, Clarks and many more… If your total order is over a certain amount you will be eligible for free shipping and you can get an extra 20% off on purchases made with Belk Rewards Card. If you are looking for more than just a nice dress for a night out make sure you see the catalogs related to gift or wedding registry.

At Belk stores, you can create an amazing bridal registry with affordable gifts you want for yourself or your partner. You can choose your registry around a theme such as dinnerware, linen set, furnishing or home decor, etc. In order to be considerate for your guests, it is not advised to add many expensive items to your wishlist. But don’t worry, at Belk stores you will have a vast selection of discounted low-priced gifts. Remember: if you add around 2 items per person attending to your shower there will be enough gift and price options for your guests. On such special days, Belk will be there to make it an amazing experience for you and your guests - of course without burning a hole in your pocket!

About Belk

Belk, Inc., is a department store chain which is one the largest department stores in America. The company was founded by William H. Belk and has a history over 100 years. In 1888, it started as a small bargain store in Monroe, NC. This first store was opened with a $750 investment and $500 loan. Later, William Belk’s brother Dr. John Belk also joined the business and they started offering quality products at everyday low prices. In the 1920s, the Belk brothers managed to expand their business by hiring new people and opening new stores. By the 1940s, the number of stores reached 195 and became one of the largest distributors in the South.

During the 1950s, the second generation of the Belk’s family took charge of the company. They brought innovative changes which transformed their stores from bargain stores to modern fashion stores as we know them today. These stores became prominent in many shopping centers and malls across the South. Throughout the years, many new stores were opened in different locations.

In 1997, the new generation of Belk brothers became the leaders of the company and adopted a new structure which merged 112 stores into one company in an attempt to centralize logistics, merchandising, etc. The following year in 1988, the company celebrated its 100 years and a new Corporate Office was opened.

In the 2000s, Belk expanded many of its features by investing millions of dollars in store renovations and technology to enhance the customer experience. Today, there are over 300 locations in 16 states. The online Belk store offers apparel, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, home décor, and wedding registry. This is a store where you can shop for a Saturday night outfit and the perfect Sunday dress. On the online store, you can find a wide selection of national brands and private-label fashion. By shopping at Belk stores, you can just discover your own unique style and express yourself in the most affordable possible way.