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Here are the most recent flyers of Bi-Mart. There is a broad range of items on sales, from pet supplies to home appliances, from electronics to groceries, from apparel to auto care.

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r example, you may <strong><em>save over $100</em></strong> on an HD <a href=""><strong>TV</strong></a> or you may have <strong>25% off</strong> on vitamins. Every week, you can find different items on offer so it is worth to check the flyers of Bi-Mart on a regular basis and be updated with the recent deals. <strong><em>Enjoy your shopping!</em></strong></p>Expand text

About the retailer - Bi-Mart

Bi-Mart is a department store chain, in the Northwest of the United States including Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. It was founded in 1955 and at present, it has more than 80 stores.

At Bi-Mart stores, there is a wide range of products and brands. The departments of Bi-Mart are as follows; groceries, clothes, shoes, sporting goods, toys, cosmetics, electronics, home furniture, house utensils and appliances, home improvement, car care, pet supplies. There are all the essentials that a customer can imagine.

On top of that, there is also a pharmacy service at Bi-Mart stores. It offers consultation, immunizations, online prescription refills, and over the counter products. There are special offers to the members of Bi-Mart.

Bi-Mart has a Membership Advantage Program. Some of the benefits of having this membership are as follows;

  • Discounts on drugs. If you get a 30 / 100 day supply, you pay less for your prescription.

  • Every Tuesday, there is a raffle, called ‘Lucky Tuesday’. The chosen membership numbers win items from Bi-Mart.

  • Bi-Mart provides a discounted price on local community events.

  • With this program, customers can also save for their next shopping.

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