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Find all the things you need at the convenience of one-stop shopping. Big Y offers a huge variety of gourmet, natural, organic and gluten-free products such as truRoots Organic Quinoa and GoodBelly Organic Probiotic Juice Drink. You can check out the regularly updated circulars below to know which items are on discount. So why don’t you go through the products and prepare your shopping list already? Saving starts now!

About Big Y

Big Y Foods, Inc., also known as Big Y World Class Market, Big Y Supermarket or simply Big Y is a family-owned chain of supermarkets with a long history.

In 1936, when Paul D’Amour was a young entrepreneur, he received some financial support from his siblings and purchased the Y Cash Market in Chicopee, Massachusetts. With that initial investment, their business grew and gained a lot of reputation over the years. This was during the Great Depression when millions of Americans were out of work.

In 1947, a second and larger Y Cash Market was opened. With this new store, they kept up with the revolutionary changes in the food industry e.g. offering frozen foods and using newer techniques in packaging.

The period after World War II was an era of abundance which paved the way for the new modern supermarkets. In 1952, another a 10,000 square foot store was opened which was double the size of most grocery stores at the time. Due to its huge size, it was named Big Y Supermarket. In the 1960s, another 31,000 square foot store was opened which also had a beer and wine department. The customers were really enjoying the fact that they could find fresh produce which was coming from closeby farms.

In 1981, Big Y started an annual scholarship program to recognize academic merit and achievement. By 1984, Big Y carried out two major acquisitions and the number of Big Y stores totaled 20. In the 50th year of the company, Big Y ranked no.1 in Western Massachusetts.

The Express Savings Club was an innovative program which was launched in 1990. This national recognition program got rid of all in-store paper coupons by scanning a card at the cash register. This made shopping simple and fun for the customers.

Throughout the years, many stores were opened which made use of further innovations such as computerized cash registers, electronic ordering systems and energy saving refrigeration equipment. Such technological advancements especially made employees' jobs much easier and the check-out process even more efficient.

Currently, Big Y is one of the largest independently owned supermarket chains in New England which employs over 12,000 people. It is headquartered in Springfield, Massachusetts.