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Here are the C-Town flyers. You can browse the most recent weekly ads of C-Town and be updated with new offers. In the leaflet, you can find a broad range of products and brands. For example, you may find Kraft salad dressing, Palmolive dish liquid, < ...

a href="https://us.promotons.com/promos/scott?q=scott&sc=tag">Scott</a> tissues</strong>, Nature Valley bar, <strong><a href="https://us.promotons.com/promos/pringles?q=pringles&sc=tag">Pringles</a> chips</strong>, <strong><a href="https://us.promotons.com/promos/heinz?q=heinz&sc=tag">Heinz</a> ketchup</strong>, Ben &amp; Jerry’s ice-cream, Lipton ice tea mix and so many more at reduced prices. Lower prices are usually applied when you buy more than one item so it is worth to check out the recent leaflets and see the details. You can also buy fresh fruits, vegetables and deli products at cheaper prices. Browse the current leaflet and start <strong>saving</strong> now.</p>Expand text

About the retailer - C-Town

C-Town is a grocery store chain and each store is independently owned. It was founded in 1975. At the present time, it operates more than 200 stores in the Northeastern United States. Stores are mainly located in metropolitan areas such as New York City, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. It is one of the largest grocery store retailers in New York.

C-Town stores are usually compact and small, perfectly designed for big cities. There are usually a few parking spaces as its customers are pedestrians. Suppliers of these walk-in stores are Krasdale Foods. It is also a supplier of grocery stores chain, "Bravo".

C-Town has thousands of goods, including Krasdale ‘s private labelled products. Customers can sign up its newsletter and be updated with exclusive offers and promotions at the nearest C-Town store.

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