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In the weekly ad of City Market, you will discover great deals. It is worth to check the flyers of City Market before starting shopping. There are even offers on fresh vegetables and fruits. There are promotions like ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ and

m>‘Buy 10 Save $5’</em></strong>. For example, you can find cereals, juices, packages of bread, sauces, <a href="">detergents</a> and so many more at reduced prices. There are also <strong><em>‘3 Day Sales’</em></strong>, so it is worth to check and be aware before the sale starts. Browse the flyer and take advantage of the most recent saving opportunities.</p>Expand text

About the retailer - City Market

City Market is a supermarket chain located in the western and central United States, including Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. It has more than 40 stores. It is owned by one of the largest grocery retailers, Kroger.

City Market offers all kinds of grocery products and home essentials. Departments are as follows; produce, dairy, meat, seafood, cupboard foods, frozen foods, bakery, ready meals, household goods, cosmetics, clothing, toys, electronics and so many more. Additionally, it has services like pharmacy, fuel stations, and money transfer. Customers can find all their needs under one roof.

Customers can find Kroger’s private label brands. For example, ‘Simple Truth’ and ‘Private Selection’ are private brands of Kroger. Simple Truth offers natural, organic and non-GMO foods at affordable prices.

City Market provides a reward program. This loyalty program is valid at all of Kroger’s stores. Customers can earn fuel and grocery points. They can register City Market’s V.I.P card, credit, debit, or prepaid cards and start earning points on their purchases.

On top of that, there is an online shopping service. Customers can shop either on the mobile app or its website. According to customers’ own schedules, they can choose the time slot to pick up their orders or have home delivery. The items that customers order are saved so they can easily make reorder without even wasting a minute.

Gift cards are also available for many top brands. The brand category is very broad, ranging from restaurants to video games, from clothing to entertainment. Some of the brands are as follows; Airbnb, Burger King, Domino’s, Banana Republic, Baby Gap, Bass Pro, etc. Customers can also earn points when they purchase those gift cards.

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