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Commissary - Offers

If you are eligible to buy from commissaries you should already know that you can actually save thousands of dollars on your grocery shopping, annually. You can save more than 30% when compared to shopping from civilian stores. The products which are offered at Commissary already have discounted prices. However, your savings actually can be far greater considering the fact that you are subject to additional savings through special sales and coupons. And there is only one way to find out. Visit our website regularly in order to see which items are on 'hot deal'. You can save up to 43% on cereals, 15% on pasta sauce or 47% on dish liquid. In the flyers, you can even find delicious meal recipes for a performance boosting meal, etc.

About Commissary

Commissaries are discount supermarkets which are operated by Defense Commissary Agency. They basically sell low-cost groceries and household goods to the army personnel. No matter where the personnel is stationed, commissaries provide the same products they as can find in the USA. All civilian employees, active-duty members, retirees, and their eligible family members can shop from commissaries.

Commissaries existed for a long time and they constitute a great benefit for the military personnel. However, the eligibility rules haven’t always been the same. In the beginning, only active-duty army personnel could shop for personal use. Soon after, they were allowed to buy for their families as well. On the other hand, enlisted men weren’t eligible to buy from commissaries until the 1860s. Finally, they changed the rules so any person in all services could benefit from buying goods at low prices. Nowadays, they can shop in commissaries on any U.S. military installation, in any part the world.

The main idea behind having commissaries was to keep civilian vendors from selling goods at unreasonable prices to members of the uniformed services. So, the Army decided to take care of its own members by selling them cheap products at the lowest prices possible. There is a 5-percent surcharge included discounted prices, which is used to generate the budget needed for building new stores and renovating the existing ones.

Meanwhile, the retail industry transformed quickly and the commissaries followed the trend. As the American military grew larger, many commissaries opened around the world. Different branches of the military adopted and tailored their commissary stores according to their needs. When they first started they had only a small number of items on their stock list. Today the commissaries offer thousands of items in their largest stores.

Having commissaries is one of the military’s top non-pay benefits to the highly qualified men and women who serve in the military of the United States. Many service families who are stationed in high-cost areas, would struggle to finance their daily grocery shopping if they didn’t benefit from the great savings which commissaries offer.