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Check the ads for Dan’s Supermarket. There are dozens of items on offer. You can find items from the categories like a butcher, seafood, frozen, snacks, beverages, pantry, fruits, vegetables, deli, bakery, dairy, floral, home essentials.

There are special offers like 1 ...

- day sale, 3 Day Fuel Savings, 2 Days Only, and 10 items for $10</em>. </p> <p>You can look through the flyer and see which items on special offers this week. There are items such as <a href="">clementines</a>, <a href="">bacon</a>, avocados, yogurts, detergents, soaps, pizzas, potato chips, <a href="">deodorants</a> and so many more. </p> <p>It is so easy to save at Dan’s Market. Dan's Supermarket also lowers the prices of <em>best seller items</em> and publishes a special flyer. It passes the savings on to you. </p> <p>Browse the flyers and enjoy your grocery shopping for less.</p>Expand text

About the retailer - Dan's Market


Dan’s Supermarket is a grocery store chain in North Dakota. It is part of the company, called, SpartanNash. It is one of the largest food distributors in the United States and owns differently named grocery retailers in more than 10 states. Apart from Dan’s Supermarket, other grocery stores, owned by SpartanNash, are D&W Fresh Market, Family Fare, Family Fresh Market, Forest Hills Foods, Martin’s Super Markets, and VG’s Grocery.

What does it sell?

Dan’s Supermarket offers all grocery essentials. It provides local fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood. The store also sells its own private brands, called "Our Family", "Open Acres", "Full Circle". On top of that, you can also find services like catering, custom cakes, party platters, pharmacy.

Reward Program?

There is a reward program called ‘yes’. Customers earn points on every grocery and fuel shopping. This program also offers access to digital coupons, personalized deals, free and low-cost prescriptions with yes card.

Online Shopping?

Dan’s Supermarket also provides online shopping, called Fast Lane. Customers can easily order their grocery list online. They can book a slot time to pick up their orders or ask for home delivery if it is available in their location.

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