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Fresh Thyme - Offers

These days, organic and natural foods are hard to find or very expensive so here, Fresh Thyme comes to your rescue.

All we know that beauty inside and outside of an individual depends on the quality and freshness of the food that we eat and the products that we use. So, we need to be very careful nowadays as each product and foods are full of artificial substances that can be bad for our body.

Fresh Thyme’s weekly ads show you the recent store discounts and promotions available. You can find so many varieties of grocery products such as organic mushrooms, salads, chickens at amazing prices. You can also buy some food in bulk like organic oats, pumpkins, chia seeds, candies, rice and beans. Therefore, you can choose the size according to your needs. You can find up to 20% discount on bulk foods. There are usually discounts on vitamins and body care too.

Fresh Thyme offers you fresh and natural products for less. Don’t miss out on these low prices so before you start to shop check out the circulars below!

About Fresh Thyme

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market is a brand new grocery chain in Midwestern of the US. It was founded in 2012 and its aim is to operate more than hundreds of stores in the US. Fresh Thyme brings about 1900s shopping experience, to our world today. As back in the old days, it offers fresh and natural products to its customers but the difference from the old farmers market is that it offers it in more comfortable stores.

Within spacious Fresh Thyme stores, there are Butcher Shops, Fish Market and Kitchen. Therefore, customers can easily buy the best quality of meat, different types of fresh fish or buy healthy made foods. Customers can also enjoy delicious bread, cakes, doughnuts, bagels and so many more selections from the bakery section. Pastries and bread are all free from artificial additives.

Fresh Thyme is a store for the ones who are looking for healthier foods. In addition, it is a store for the customers that follows a special diet such as paleo, keto, vegan, gluten-free etc. Grocery products are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Toiletries are also free from hazardous chemicals.

Fresh Thyme offers online shopping. In addition, Fresh Thyme provides a rewards program, called MyThyme which customers can enjoy their personalized deals, rewards and also have their receipt digitally. Customers can also have saved shopping list on their account. They can use either a website or mobile app to see heir shopping lists savings on their account. On the app and website, there are digital coupons which can be redeemed online or in the store by showing the barcode on the app.