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Health is the most important thing in our lives. We don't think twice about even the smallest cent that we spend on medication. However, it is good to have if there is a sale available on medication and make some savings.

Health Mart Pharmacies cares about its custome ...

r and pass some <strong>savings</strong> on its customers. </p> <p>Below you can find a circular of Health Mart that shows this month’s selected range of over the counter medications, vitamins and supplements that are at <strong>lower prices</strong>. </p> <p>Each month you can find different kinds of items that are on sale. You can find pain relief pills such as Ibuprofen, <strong>allergy pills</strong> for kids and adults such as <a href="">Zyrtec</a>, Nasacort, <strong>laxatives</strong> such as Dulcolax, <a href="">Miralax</a>, vitamins such as vitamin C, D, B12. </p> <p>When you check the leaflet, you will discover so many more other medication, vitamins and supplements according to your needs. Even for the ones that have sleeping difficulties, there can be <strong>Melatonin</strong> pills at amazing prices. </p> <p>In the leaflet, there is also Health Mart’s own branded products that you can buy selected products for less such as ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ <strong>‘mix and match'</strong> selected products. Don’t miss out on this amazing offers and take advantage of the savings! All you need to do is to check leaflet each month and be aware of which products are on sale.</p>Expand text

About the retailer - Health Mart Independent

Health Mart is one of the biggest networks of independent pharmacies all over the US. There are more than 5,000 pharmacies that are part of this Health Mart network. The brand, Health Mart, is owned by McKesson, which has been operating in the healthcare sector for many years.

Health Mart Pharmacies’ difference from other big pharmacy chains is that it offers a unique and personalized service to each patient. When patients go to their local store, they are even known by their name and have special treatment by their pharmacist.

Health Mart Pharmacies usually offers online order option and also home delivery which patients can easily get their prescriptions from their home door. There is also an option for refilling prescriptions. Monthly pick up or delivery arrangements can be scheduled as well so every month customers can get their prescriptions on time. Health Mart’s mobile app also reminds the prescription time so this way, the customers can always be aware of their refilling time and they don’t even miss a day of their prescriptions.

Individuals who enrol for Medicare Plan D are mostly eligible for prescriptions coverage. Health Mart Pharmacist aims to help those individuals to have the full advantages of this plan.

In addition, Health Mart has its own healthcare products which it offers over the counter supplements and vitamins at reasonable prices. Health Mart Pharmacists can also change the form of medication for patients to take the right dosage. For the ones who find hard to swallow the medication, pharmacists can make it tastier by changing the flavour.

On top of that Health Mart also offers vaccines, medication consultations, diabetes management. It also offers health and wellness classes that topics are about such as nutrition, fitness, smoking. This way, the community knows how they can be more healthy and start to follow a healthy lifestyle in their daily routine.

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