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Lowes Foods

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Lowes Foods - Offers

Lowes Food weekly ad renews every Wednesday so every week you can find different kinds of grocery products on special offers. If you would like to be informed with the latest promotions and deals at Lowes Food, you can check out the latest Lowes Food weekly ad.

We all spend most of our salary on grocery shopping so we can save by knowing which products are on discount. Saving is easier and quicker with our service; promotons.

Which item can you find in the Lowes Food weekly ad? What kind of discounts are available?

First of all, every week, you can find basic necessities at reduced prices such as eggs, butter, water, virgin olive oil, fruits, produce, detergents, toilet papers, soaps and so many more in weekly ads.

There are usually holiday special sales. For example, if it is Christmas time, you can find special seasonal items at reasonable prices. There are Christmas chocolates on the “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” offer. If it is a superbowl time, you can find chips, frozen pizzas and beers on special offer.

There are digital coupons that can be saved or added to a shopping list and used in stores as well so this actually helps you to save time at the store.

Lowes Food bakery offers delicious cupcakes, brownies, pies which you can find special offers each week so you can enjoy your favorite dessert by paying less than usual. Lowes Food keto bread is one of the most popular so you can check out deals in Lowes Food keto bread as well.

Additionally, there are delicious ready meals at reasonable prices in weekly ads.

Every week, you can find special offers from almost all categories; beer, wine, grocery, home essentials, produce, fruits, meat, seafood, and so many more.

All you need to do is check out Lowes Food sale ads regularly and enjoy shopping for less.

You can enjoy your groceries for less! Just browse the circulars and enjoy your shopping and savings.

About Lowes Foods

About Lowes Food

Lowes Food is one of the most popular grocery store chains, operating in South Carolina, North Carolina or Virginia. It has more than 100 stores including fuel centers. Lowes Food was founded in 1954 in North Carolina. Lowes Food stores initially are opened in rural areas and then after its growing success, Lowes Food expanded to urban areas.

Today, Lowes Food has subsidiaries; Just $ave operating in North Carolina; Kj’s Market operating in South Carolina and Georgia; IGA Southeast operating in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia.

Lowes Food provides the best selection of meat, seafood, dairy, bakery, produce, wine, liquors, beer, and the most important thing is that they try to keep prices at the lowest possible to be accessible for everyone.

Lowes Food Quick Meals

At Lowes Food, there are different varieties of meal choices which you can choose from. For example, some of the food selections that you can find are as follows; fried chicken, rotisserie chicken, pot pies, deli pizzas, deli sandwiches, banana pudding and so much more.

Lowes Food Originals

Lowes Food stores have their own brands that you can enjoy fresh food and drink selections.

Chicken Kitchen offers any kind of cooked, fried, roasted chicken.

The Beer Den offers the finest selection of craft beers. You can even have your beer by glass and enjoy your beer while you are shopping at Lowes Food.

Boxcar Coffee is a place where you can shop fresh roasted beans. You can also enjoy your coffee, tea, or smoothie.

Sammy is a brand where you can enjoy the most delicious breakfast, sandwiches, salad bowls, toasters and more. Hollywood Toaster which is avocado toast highly recommended. You can also create your own sandwiches, baguettes or salad by telling ingredients you would like to be in your meal.

Sausageworks is a brand for the ones that love flavored sausages. There are pork, beef and turkey sausages. Don’t forget to pair your sausages with craft beer from The Beer Den.

Smokehouse is for the ones that enjoy smoked bacon, smoked pulled pork, smoked salmon or any other smoked.

Spice Bazaar is a place where you will travel to other countries when you smell different spices. Here, there are wide varieties of spices from all around the world.

Sunmill Wines offer wine exported from Verona, Italy.

The Cakery is like a kingdom of cakeries where you can find all kinds of cakes from red velvet to carrot cake, from german chocolate, to tres leches fruit cake, from cream cheese blast, to coconut cake. You can also ask for personalized written messages on cake like ‘Happy Birthday’ , ‘ Happy Anniversary’, ‘Congratulations’.

Knock Knock Spirits is a liquor store that only operates in South Carolina. Address of Knock Knock Spirits are;

  • Knock Knock Spirits, inside Lowes Foods, 5222 Sunset Boulevard, Lexington, SC 29072

  • Knock Knock Spirits, inside Lowes Foods, 4711 Forest Drive, Columbia, South Carolina, 29206

  • Knock Knock Spirits, inside Lowes Foods,120 Forum Drive, Columbia, South Carolina, 29229

Lowes Food Catering

Are you throwing a party? Looking for catering in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia? You can definitely impress your guest with Mastro Cheese Board, Egg Twist Sandwiches, or Mediterranean Antipasto Board. The most impressive part is when you buy two deli party trays, you get $5 off.

At Lowes Food, there are trays that include appetizers, meat, cheese, sandwiches, vegetables, fruits, seafood, chicken tenders, wings, and dessert. You can check out the different varieties of trays and sizing. You can order online and have your catering delivered to your doorstep.

Lowes Food Online Shopping - Delivery & Pick Up

Delivery and pick-up are available in almost all locations so customers can enter their postcode in order to check if delivery is available.

Lowes Food in-store pick up service is called ‘Lowes Food To Go’. There are personal shoppers that they shop for and you can pick up your online order at the most convenient time to you. If you download the FLYBUY app, you can notify your personal shopper that you are on your way so your groceries will be ready outside waiting for you.

Is there an extra fee for online order? There is a personal shopping fee but if you become an annual member of this service, you definitely pay less.

Lowes Food Scan Pay Go

Are you tired of wasting time at grocery stores? You can easily scan goods that you are going to purchase and pay immediately at designated ScanPayGo lanes. All you need to do is to download ScanPayGo app.

Lowes Food Rewards

Lowes Food rewards program is called Fresh Rewards. All you have to do is to sign up for free so you have access to all promotions. With Lowes Food reward program, you earn points for every purchase and redeem those points on your next grocery shopping.

There are also digital coupons that can be accessed directly from Fresh Reward card if you download them.

Lowes Food Gift Cards

Customers can buy gift cards electronically or in store. It can be a great gift for family members, friends or colleagues. Gift cards can also be purchased in bulk and you can save 6% of your bulk gift card purchase; e.g for corporate gift cards.