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If you are looking for gifts for your loved ones or if you want to treat yourself, Macy’s catalogues are here for you. You can be updated with new arrivals of your favourite brand, and with current trends. You can find clothes,

ry?q=jewellery&sc=tag">jewellery</a>, furniture in the catalogue. And, of course, you can be informed by new offers, promotions. Who knows you may end up buying the <a href="">shoes</a> that you want on <strong>sale</strong>, so have a look at Macy’s circular below and take advantage of these amazing prices.</p>Expand text

About the retailer - Macy's

Macy’s is a department store that sells fashion and household products. The story of the Macy’s started back in the 1800s in Cincinnati. The stores are located all over the US and the e-commerce website can reach customers all over the world. It ships to more than 200 countries. Additionally, you can also shop and check new arrivals on mobile app which is the easiest way to shop nowadays.

In Macy’s, you can find different types of clothes that match your style, or new house furniture. It is a place that offers unique products according to current trends and there is a vast amount of size and colour availability for each item. It also sells its own private brand that customers can find exclusively in the Macy’s.

You can have Macy’s credit card which you can enjoy discounted prices and have additional benefits according to your annual spend.

Macy’s has subsidiary companies called Bloomingdale’s which sells high-end fashion brands and Bluemercury which sells beauty products.

Macy’s is also known by its popular shows; Thanksgiving Day, 4th July FireWorks, and Flower Shows.

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