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Meijer takes the food business quite seriously and we know this because according to many surveys, Meijer sells really high quality produce. You can often find many staple goods at bargain prices all around the year. In order to find out more about the awesom ...

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Meijer Inc. is a large supermarket chain which is prominent throughout the Midwest. Meijer is a highly successful family business which was founded by a Dutch immigrant called Hendrik Meijer in 1934. Meijer was a local barber before he decided to enter the grocery business during the Great Depression. Among his first employees was his son Frederik Meijer, who later became chairman of the company. After the first store became successful, many other stores were opened in Ionia and Cedar Springs. By the 1960s, the company had more than 24 stores in West Michigan.

Meijer always followed the trends in the grocery industry closely, so it became one of the first stores in the US to offer self-service shopping and shopping carts. In 1962, Meijer launched a new modern format in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This was a 180,000 square feet large store which combined grocery shopping and department store shopping. Opening of this store has been a milestone for Meijer and it kept continue to grow and prosper since then.

Today, it is headquartered in Walker, Michigan and nearly half of the company's stores are located there. It has stores in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Wisconsin as well.

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