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Save-A-Lot - Offers

Don’t you want to save money and time? Then look no further! Save-A-Lot customers are getting value for their money like never before. It’s simple: buy a lot more and pay a lot less. Check out the weekly ad below for savings on your favorite items. You can even find items under a dollar, from baby food to baked goods, from dairy products to diet soda. Compared to other stores, you can buy these products up to 40% cheaper. So, stop spending a fortune on everyday items. It’s best you spend your money on other important family expenses or leisure activities. Thanks to our service you can always find the latest deals at Save-A-Lot stores near you.

About Save-A-Lot

Save-A-Lot is one of the largest discount grocery chains in the US, which is also a subsidiary of Onex Corporation. During the 1970s, when Bill Moran was working for a grocery wholesaler, he came up with the idea to start a small grocery store as an alternative to mega-stores which were just starting to become popular. In 1977, he opened his first store in Cahokia, Illinois where he utilized the hard discount business model. In this way, he was able to cut down operating costs and increase product profits. Obviously, the customers absolutely loved the low prices they discovered and Save-A-Lot suddenly took off.

In just a year, the word went around and the stores started to build a solid client base in 29 different locations. By 1980, more stores and a warehouse were opened in Jackson, Tennessee. Later in the same decade, Bill Moran purchased Save-A-Lot from General Grocer until it was acquired by Wetterau Incorporated five years later. This move was a milestone in Save-A-Lot’s history because after this acquisition their sales skyrocketed. In 1993, Supervalu Inc. acquired Wetterau Inc. and finally in 2016, it was acquired by a private Canadian equity firm which still owns it today.

Save-A-Lot stores are clean and well-organized. So, it creates a positive shopping atmosphere which customers love. Since time is money, the aisles are set up in such a way that they actually save you time. Thanks to the highly efficient supply chain, you can find low prices every day which is quite rare in other stores. It also provides 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied with your purchases.

As of 2017, there exist 1,300 corporate and licensed stores in 36 states, and 16 wholesale distribution centers. Currently, it is headquartered in St. Louis.