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Saving is easier! You can check ShopRite’s circulars below that are regularly updated! It shows recent offers and discounts that are available at ShopRite. You can buy your daily essentials; food, toiletries, beverages at lower prices so it is worth to check the circulars and know which items ...

are on offer. If you are Price Plus cardholder, there are special discounts that only cardholders can take advantage of it. So, If you continuously shop at ShopRite, don’t forget to register for the card. On circulars, the product and brand range are very broad. You will find most of the items that are on your grocery list! So you will not regret! Check the circulars and start your shopping.</p>Expand text

About the retailer - ShopRite

ShopRite is a cooperative grocery store that was established in 1946. When grocers experienced difficulties in purchasing wholesale goods at lower prices, 6 of them made an agreement and started a corporation, called Wakefern Food, in New Jersey. Members of Wakefern Food can operate their own ShopRite stores. There are more than 50 members of Wakefern and more than 300 ShopRite stores that operates in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Wakefern Food is in charge of purchasing and distributing wholesale goods for the groceries that are part of the cooperation. It also provides other special services to cooperative members such as advertising, marketing and financial help.

ShopRite offers everything that an individual may need for a daily basis such as food-related products, toiletries, cleaning products, housewares, office and gardening tools. There is also a pharmacy service which a customer can easily purchase or refill their prescriptions at their nearest ShopRite Pharmacy.

ShopRite has mobile apps available for its customers.

The ShopRite App - It is for online grocery shopping. There are also updates about promotions and discounts.

ShopRite Rx - It is for ordering and refilling prescriptions. There is also information about drugs.

ShopRite Deli - It is used for online deli ordering. Customers place an order according to their preference and pick up their deli at the store.

ShopRite Mobile Scan - While you are shopping, you can scan the products, and pay your groceries on your mobile.

Therefore, customers can use apps that are listed above or shop online website, which both is easier and quicker.

ShopRite also offers ‘The Price Plus’ club card which customers can save and benefit from special discounts.

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